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1 K Jr ^ 


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?6 11 


1990 2 

Theme l2 

Student Life " 62 

Sports .....108 

Album 150 

Closing 154 

Index 160 



Right: Charles Johnson retrieves his lunch 
money from his jacket before he continues his 
day at Howe. 

Bottom Middle: Is it safe? Tammy Childress 
goes with the brown bag lunch while Chrissy 
Coomer eats in the fast lane, the risky school 
prepared meal. 

"Man vs. Machine and Wins-for Now." 
"Acid Rain Pits State against State." This 
is your life ... or a day in it, at least. No 
matter how many tests we fail or how many 
classes we are late to, our lives still go on. 
Just as our parents survived Richard Nixon 
and love-in's, we have to face up to pollution 
and Dan Quayle. 

Each day, we have to struggle to get it 
together for school. Sometimes, while 
brushing our hair, we brush up on current 
events for Mr. Spear's class. Meanwhile, 
politicians everywhere brush up on the 
same current events so they can look as 
though they know what they are talking 
about. How much do we have in common 
with the real world? 

In a way, we are our own little world. Mr. 
Beck is our President Bush. Our country is 
in grave debt and so is the Hilltopper. We 
have an election every year, similar to real 
ones. The comparisons could be endless. 
Everything we are learning now affects the 
rest of our lives. Our worlds are now taking 

Time capsules and history books tell us 
what worlds were like millions of years ago. 
We can only know the history, never the 
experiences. For example, Dinosaurs are 
gone forever and we can only say what we 
thought they looked like. We want to be 
able to remember our experiences at Howe, 
in our world, during this. As our world is 
formed, so is our time capsule and our 
world's history. Just as President Bush's 
name is recorded in our history books, Prin- 
cipal Beck's name is recorded in our memo- 
ries. Here's to our world, our principles past 
and present, our friends, our history, and 
the importance of each day of our lives. 



Left: Robin Lawerence and Michelle Reed discuss 
their Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrition 
while enjoying Doritos and Mountain Dew for break- 

Bottom: Officer Semon and his IPD helper keep the 
hallowed halls of Howe safe and serene. 

Below: Sound the alarm! He's making a break for it! 
Andre Smith soon finds out that he can't escape that 
easily! Actually, he's on his way out with his English 
class to enjoy the last days of Indian Summer. 

Theme/ 3 

A Day in the 

Before School 

Before school in spite of the 7:30 early 
class start, students find time for many 
necessary and enjoyable activities. Some 
students take time to sleep while others 
study for an upcoming test. Some decide 
eating something is important. Some vis- 
it counselors or teachers for help. Others 
congregate around lockers with their 
friends and socialize. Still others make 
phone calls and finish business they do 
not have time for during the day. Some 
get help with homework from their 
friends. A few get a date and a few wan- 
der the halls looking. 

Top: Tracy and Kristine Washington don't look too 
enthused about school today. 

Right: Jason Meek and Tracy Kord are embar- 
rassed for Jeff Lawrence because he doesn't know 
how to wear his sunglasses. We hope he can see to 
do his work. 


Left: Dion Payne tries to get his books for Faculty 
Advisory while friends keep him company. 

Below: Laura Payton tries to show Jim Wright some- 
thing in her locker before school. Jim doesn't seem too 
interested in that at this time. 

"School day, school days, 
good old golden rule days, 
reading and writing and arithmetic, 
talk to the tune of (a student's 
life before school)" 

Above Left: Waiting for Faculty Advisory, Wendie 
Storm. Lisa Smith, and Trixie Whobrey lounge in 
front of their lockers. 

Above Right: Chris Whaley struts down the hall with 
Amanda Slaughter by his side. They are wandering as 
they make their way to Faculty Advisory. 

Left: Derrick Pinner and David Porter goof off while 
Brad Parks and Jeff Redmon study before Faculty 
Advisory begins. 

I heme 5 

A Day in the Life of a Student 

A day in the life of a student after school 
might include hanging around the jammed- 
packed concession stand waiting for pop- 
corn, candy, or a nice cool coke for that long 
walk home. Some just walk around the halls 
or stand and wait for a ride home. 

After school there are also a lot of activi- 
ties going on. Students practice for cheer- 
leading, football, baseball, basketball, vol- 
leyball, tennis, track and field, golf, and a 
lot of other sport activities offered at Howe. 
But we can not forget about the clubs of- 
fered at Howe after school. Some students 
attend after-school meetings of French 
Club, German Club, Math Club, Media 
Club, and other such activities, even the 

Life after school can be very busy for any 

Tracy Kord 
Marianne Hickrod 

Top Left: After school, teachers do what students do. 
Mr. Finkbiner and Mr. Davis sit around eating pop- 
corn while shooting the breeze. 

Bottom Left: After school, Adrienne Pruett studies 
while waiting at football practice. 

Bottom Right: At a club meeting after school, Tom 
Freitag thinks about which way he should move next. 

Top Center: At practice after school, Coach Miller 
discusses strategy with a football player. 

Opposite Page Top Right: At rehearsal after school, 
Joe Bramblett tries to remember his lines. 


Left: The Boys' Swim Team gathers for a picture 
before practice after school. (Left to Right) Back 
Row: James Wright, James Deal, Cliff Davidson, 
Scott Greene, Paul Woepner. Front Row: Coach 
Liz, Manager Amanda Trotter, Mark Lampkins. 

A Day in the 

After School 


A Day in the Life of a Student 

A day in the life of a student includes 
transportation. How would a student get to 
school without it? Some people choose to 
walk (or maybe they have to). Some call 
their parents but have to wait two hours for 
them to show up. The buses bring a large 
majority of students to school. This may be 
the cause at times for tardies to Faculty 
Advisory. Some students have the advan- 
tage of driving themselves to school, often 
cramping every friend they have into every 
square inch of their car. 

Top Left: This group of Howe students are walking 
home after a hard day of study. 

Right: Aaron Montgomery makes his way to ride the 
bus home. 


Top Center: This duce strolls out to their car as they seem 
to be the last to leave for the day. 

With Transportation 


A Day in the Life of a Student 

A day in the life of a student at school 
involves many things ranging from listen- 
ing and reading to pep sessions and assem- 
blies. Between classes, many students pass 
time by gossiping, borrowing money, 
buying cokes, and rushing to the restrooms. 
A day at school is not just all fun. When it is 
time to take finals, many students give up 
their lunch periods to study in the Media 

Lisa Johnson 

Top Right: At an assembly, Sheridan Melton plays his 
role in encouraging students to stay in school. 

Bottom Right: In class, Brian Ehlers, front, and 
Heather Mays, behind him, are trying to concentrate 
on what the teacher is saying. 

Opposite Page Top Left: In art class, Mrs. Rohrbach 
shows Aaron Montgomery the perspective in his draw- 

Opposite Page Top Right: In another class, John Gille- 
spie, Dave Carlyle, and Mike Brattain read a short 
story to their classmates. 


Bottom Left: At a pep session, George Maynard of the 
Bad Boys' Group leads Mrs. Aman and Mr. Wiggins 
in a dance. Teachers try to help with the enjoyment of 
a school day. 

Bottom Right: In class, Albert Adams explains to his 
classmate how to do the assignment. 

A Day in the 

At School 

Theme/ 1 

I2/Student Life 

Student Life/ 13 


Students in the art classes at Thomas 
Carr Howe High enjoy the opportunity 
to study and experience working with 
both two and three dimensional art 
forms throughout the 1989-90 school 
year. Classroom offerings include study 
and activities in metal crafting, print- 
making, cartooning, drawing and paint- 
ing, sculpting, pottery making, craft de- 
sign, stage craft, commercial art, and art 
history. In addition, students gain the 
opportunity to exhibit their work and 
compete in many art shows and contest, 
among which are the Regional Scholas- 
tic Art Competition, the'"500 Festival of 
the Arts" contest, "The International 
Violin Poster Competition, " the "Just 
Say So" drug and alcohol abuse poster 
contest, and the Howe High School 
Spring Art Awards Exhibit. Students 
also may receive guidance in career se- 
lection in the visual arts. 

Art students keep busy with various activities. 
Some think posing for the artists is more difficult 
than drawing. One student might want to loan her 
mask out for the senior-sponsored play, especially 
should they do Antigone. Melissa Jackson, middle 
right, meticulously works on her drawing. 




Top Left: Randy Anderson has to be careful not to shows Andy Lane how to measure for his drawing, 
smear ink in his drawing. Above: Kowalski Martin works on his "Nike" 

Top Right: Using a pencil, Mr. James Lynch drawing for a possible entry into a contest. 


Art/ 15 


The Business Education Department is 
the link to your future. We offer account- 
ing, keyboarding, computer training, short- 
hand, and various other classes to prepare 
students to enter the work force. There are 
two vocational programs in the Business 
Department — Cooperative Office Educa- 
tion and Marketing Education. Students 
receive credit, money, and on-the-job train- 
ing during school hours. We have equip- 
ment which is up-to-date and can offer the 
training needed to begin a successful busi- 
ness career and also be able to manage per- 
sonal life skills. 




Left: Amanada Trotter finds the material she reads 
while typing humorous. 

Below: Tamara Kendrick studies her book before a 

Bottom: Crystal Ratliff decides typing her warm ups is 
a good idea. 


Middle: Barny Wiker concentrates on typing with- 
out making a mistake. 

Above: Nicole Mason considers, "Am I really sup- 
pose to type this?" 

Left: Mrs. Patricia Aman keeps her class spell- 

Business/ 17 

No "Computer Reading" Yet 

Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, Heming- 
way, Steinbeck, Homer, Socrates, and so 
many other authors once again flickered 
through the minds of many English stu- 
dents. Dangling and misplaced modifiers 
managed to befuddle a few in grammar. 
Some English students found themselves 
writing themes and themes and themes to 
develop their thinking process. ISTEP 
haunted the English classes for another 
year of practice exercises and persuasive 
essay exams. The department offered writ- 
ing, speaking, and acting contests; especial- 
ly noteworthy is the National Council of 
English contest. English students were able 
to submit original works for PEN POINTS 
literary-arts magazine or edit the works as 
a staff member, to write for the TOWER or 
HILLTOPPER, to act in the senior-spon- 
sored play, and to participate in a variety of 
contests offered or recommended by the de- 
partment. No one offered a course in read- 
ing as it relates to computer books or man- 
uals; but, who knows, it might be a course 
for the year 2001. 


Top Left: Engrossed in a good book, Kathy Smith pays 
no attention to the world around her. 

Top Right: Melissa Benton and Richard Harrell share 
a good laugh after finishing the English section of the 

Above: Theme writing becomes a group effort when 
Mr. Shelton takes his class outside. 


s»*¥* 4\ 

" B " H 

1 s * 





Top Left: English teachers are really actors at heart. 
Mr. John Ervin creates his impression of James Whit- 
comb Riley reading his own poems. 

Left: This day was particularly fun for Heather Hobbs 
and Darby Finney as they watch Mr. Ervin in action as 
James Whitcomb Riley. 

Above: James Weinke and Jeremy Burris. the "Indi- 
ana Twins," concentrate hard to make their themes 
good enough for any college professor. 


Above: (Left to Right) Jennifer Steele, Dawn Sanders, 
Yvonne Williams, Mike Petty, and Amy Quiet work 
together on Spanish homework. 

Opposite Page Top Right: "And I thought they studied for 
this test," exclaims Mr. Vespo. 

Opposite Page Bottom: Spanish class listens intently while 
Mr. Vespo teaches. 

20/Foreign Language 


The Foreign Language Department usu- 
ally offers, at least, four years in French, 
German, Spanish, and Latin. In some cases 
students are even able to get a fifth or sixth 
year of a language if they entered Howe 
with language credit from junior high 
school. Some upper level classes often have 
to be combined because of the low enroll- 
ment at such a high level. The teachers of 
this department should be commended for 
this extra effort for these upper level stu- 

Last year, the mayor arranged for twen- 
ty-two German students to visit Indianapo- 
lis from our Sister City, Cologne, Germany. 
The families of Howe's foreign language 
students generously opened their homes to 
six of these foreign student visitors. Hope- 
fully, this staunch support and sharing will 

Once again Howe students have entered 
the Indiana University Honors Program of 
Overseas Study. Mike Johnson, in Ger- 
man, and Matt McBurnie and Rosemary 
Deal, in French, competed. Although the 
Foreign Language Department may be 
down in its enrollment, these entries show 
the quality of its students is being main- 

Foreign Language/21 

Mr. Donald Austin returns to Howe 
High as director of guidance. Mr. Austin 
taught English at Howe and was advisor 
to the Yearbook, the HILLTOPPER, 
from 1964 to 1967. He had previously 
taught English and coached basketball 
at a small school and served as principal 
of Filmore for two years. After he left 
Howe, he became a counselor at Mar- 
shall High School from 1967 to 1986. 
When the high school was closed, he 
found himself at Arlington. Then around 
Thanksgiving 1989, Mr. Austin re- 
turned to Howe to take over his present 
duties. We are pleased to have Mr. Aus- 
tin return, and we understand he is 
pleased to be back. 

Significant changes rocked the coun- 
seling offices this year. For three 
months, Mr. Robert Berry, former di- 
rector of guidance, performed two duties 
at Howe. He continued his duties as di- 
rector while taking on the job of vice- 
principal when Mr. Bruce Beck filled the 
position of principal for Mr. Frank Tout 
who was asked by the main Delaware- 
Walnut office to be coordinator of the 
high school principals. 

With Priscilla Repass also making a 
change to become dean of girls at Tech, 
the counselors were a bit short-handed 
for a while. Sandra Petty stepped in to 
aid as a counselor, and Stella Vandivier 
returned to Howe after having been at 
Tech for a while. We hope she is as 
pleased to be back as we are to have her 

With Donald Austin, Sandra Petty, 
and Stella Vandivier filling the gap, the 
counseling office has a better chance to 
accomplish its various tasks. 

Above: Mr. Donald Austin adjusts to his new posi- 
tion as director of guidance. 

Middle Left: It is often difficult to find Beatrice 
Adams behind the high desk in the counselors' 

Middle Right: Dave Smartz ponders over schedule 

Right: Bob Berry and Burnel Coulon discuss disci- 
pline matters with Mr. Bruce Beck in the princi- 
pal's office. 



Left: Robert Spaulding finds the phone useful in 
his new job as social worker for Howe. 

Above: Mr. Donald Austin, recently appointed di- 
rector of guidance, considered his former years at 
Howe a pleasant experience and returns. 

Bottom Left: Janet Woods helps the guidance de- 
partment with attendance and tardies. 

Bottom Right: Burnel Coulon observes the halls to 
keep them clear of loitering students. 



Top Left: Eugene Wallace says, "Wanna bite?" 
Top Right: Mrs. Hemb correctly shows freshman Jo- 
anna Zaphirion how to do an embroidery stitch. 
Bottom Left: Jennifer Acorn and Christy Jennings try 
not to burn their food. 

Bottom Right: "I hope this tastes better than it feels," 
exclaims Jenny Benton. 

24/Home Economics 

In a school whose student body consists of 
both males and females, it is very plain to see 
that the Home Economics Department would 
play an important role in the molding of future 
leaders of tomorrow. Our Home Economics 
Department is constructed to cover minute de- 
tails found in courses such as Family Rela- 
tions, Personal Development, Foods and Nu- 
trition, Clothing and Needle Art, Nutrition 
for the Athlete, and Child Care and Develop- 
ment. From such a department, homemakers 
are not the only people molded. We too have 
the honor to rub shoulders with future design- 
ers, decorators, chefs, nutritionists, and educa- 
tors of whom Howe will one day be proud. 

Top: Kris Green dreams of the perfect prom dress. 

Bottom Left: Jennifer Alcorn imagines she's a gour- 
met chef as she mixes her batter for potato pancakes. 

Bottom Right: Angie Willis thinks to herself, "This is 
a lot better than the school lunch." 

Home Economics/25 

Above: Brad Hunter (Left) and Dale Harper weld 
their masterpiece project together. 

Right: Mr. Hester keeps this student busy in industrial 

Far Right: A trip downtown to the community plan- 
ner's office is exciting for some but others seem to be 
less thrilled. 


The Industrial Technology Department was full of ac- 
tivities this year. The new curriculum that was instituted 
in 1988 included a field trip downtown to the City Plan- 
ners' Office by the Community Planning class, a trip to 
the airport by the Designing and Evaluating Transporta- 
tion Systems class, printing personalized t-shirts by the 
Graphics Communication classes, building radios and 
making commercials in Electronic Communications, 
pouring concrete and building model houses in Construct- 
ing Structures, building model dream homes in Construc- 
tion Planning and Design, casting and welding in Manu- 
facturing Materials and Processes, and doing a mass pro- 
duction project in Manufacturing Design and Processes. 

A new Mini-class added this year, Silk Screening, was 
so popular it took two classes to accommodate all the 
students who wanted to take it. 

There was a strong emphasis on hands-on activities in 
the Industrial Technology Department this year and stu- 
dents continued to have fun while learning new concepts 
which will help them get and keep a job when they gra- 

The department underwent a big change when Mr. 
Wellington was promoted to Director of Howe's Evening 
School Division and students in Transportation class built 
model rockets with the help of Mr. M, as they called 
James Mantynban, the substitute who replaced Mr. Wel- 
lington for most of the school year. Mr. Wellington will be 
sorely missed by students and teachers in the Industrial 
Tech Department, but luckily he's still available here at 
Howe when his help is needed. 

Students in Industrial Technology this year had an op- 
portunity to learn skills which will help them adapt to the 
demands of our fast-paced and highly technical society 
while having fun and making friends in class. 

26/Industrial Arts 

Left: Mr. Taflinger's Industrial Technology classes 
gather for a group picture before they enter the State 
Capital Building. 

Bottom Left: Community Planners — Nathan Smith, 
James Weinke, and Jason Meek — map out their 

Industrial Arts/27 

Right: "Hurry up. Act as though you are studying. 
There is a camera in Mrs. Freeman's room." 

Bottom Left: You would think that the Advance Math 
students wouldn't have to count on their fingers, but 
Matt McBurnie and Jason Cox prove otherwise. 

Bottom Right: "Isn't this class over yet?" thinks Kevin 


The Mathematics Department began the 
year with several changes in personnel. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Marcrum retired in June 
and Mr. Richard Harpold transferred to 
the Physical Education Department. The 
resulting vacancies were filled by Mrs. 
Martha Diggle and Mr. Doug Bateman. 
The Math Club, sponsored by Mrs. Caro- 
lyn Freeman, has planned several activities 
including a lock-in, pizza party, and a trip 
to Mammoth Cave. The Math Club also 
spends long hours planning and hosting a 
county-wide junior high math contest. 
Howe math students participate in several 
contests during the school year. The great- 
est success by our students last year was 
winning the IPS Math Contest. Howe can 
celebrate success in every level of math- 
ematics. Hard work pays off! 



The Media Center continues to move 
more and more into the modern age of tech- 
nologies. Students are able to use not only 
an electronic encyclopedia but also, with 
the aid of a new modem, an information 
retrieval data base. This information data 
base should be valued by students going to 
college or into the business world as well as 
others. This new system will also allow the 
library to order books directly, simplifying 
that task. 

Many types of books, many types of 
audio-visual equipment, and many teacher 
services are available in Howe's Media 
Center. One of the center's most prized pos- 
sessions is the Apple computer. It makes 
some different types of computer work 

The relatively new security system, ac- 
cording to Mrs. Leffler, head of the Media 
Center, has been well worth the money and 
quite well accepted by students. That the 
staff and students make use of the Media 
Center pleases Mrs. Leffler, for the center 
functions to aid — and it does. The student 
body and the faculty are well aware of the 
Media staffs assistance to education. 

Top: Miss Watson requests of Mrs. Leffler the use of ttjn 
the teacher library services. ' 

Above: (Left to Right) Michael Mills and Richard 
Cline discuss the use of the library's audio-visual ma- 
terials with Mr. Haas. 

BffORf iEfif/ Above: Tim Messenger pretends to use the library to stuc 
— well, at least, it is quiet. 

Left: Mr. Shephard uses the computer in the library 
prepare for his classes. 


Top: Amy Hucks files the index cards so students can 
find the books they need. 

Left: Antonio Molino has finally found a quiet place to 
do his homework. 

Below: Mrs. Thomas keeps busy typing and aiding the 
library so that its use is made easy for students and 





32/Physical Education 



*• ^ 




Obstacle courses, baskets, dead lifts, 
sprints, and jogs are all a part of the Phys- 
ical Education Program at Howe High 
School. A student in physical education is 
exposed to the many sports skills and fitness 

Those who want to excel in exercise and 
fitness can enroll in aerobics and condition- 
ing classes. Advanced training is the key for 
these two courses which stress strength, en- 
durance, and fitness. 

The health classes are designed to pre- 
pare students to live a long, healthy life. 
Present trends in nutrition, disease preven- 
tion, and fitness are studied and discussed. 

Top: Mr. Sam sits with his class trying to get his 
students to absorb some intelligence. 

Middle: By the looks of this volleyball game, it 
seems that neither team is winning. 

Opposite Page Top: Mrs. Granger wakes up her class with 
stretching exercises. 

Opposite Page Bottom: These two are trying to get some 
place but realize they're suppose to run in place. 

Right: These two seem to have the berpees down pat. 

Physical Education/33 



Science, the search for truth and under- 
standing, continues to destroy myth and su- 
perstition. It also seems that everyone is 
increasing his demand that "science" solve 
even more of society's problems. Of course, 
everyone needs to know enough science to 
anticipate what can be expected of science 
and to understand and implement the solu- 
tions science discovers. Thomas Carr Howe 
High School offers a variety of non-living or 
physical sciences which includes physical 
science, chemistry, earth science, and phys- 
ics. The only life science offered is biology. 
Every student, regardless of the trade 
school, vocational program, or college pro- 
gram he enters, needs a sound science back- 
ground. Biology and, at least, one of the 
physical sciences will fill that need. 

Dpposite Page Top: Mr. Dressier, what worldly ears you 

Dpposite Page Bottom Left: Wow! Is Jason Mencer hav- 
ing fun or is he happy that the bell has rung? 

Opposite Page Bottom Right: Physical science would be 
easy if you didn't have to find all the facts. 

Top: Mr. Edwards shows students how the game is really 

Middle: Michelle Moore finds a "different" type of friend 
it Howe. 

Right: Mr. Dressler's students find time to communicate 
between assignments. 


j fc^ 

tomorrow, and 



Each day's news creates more to be add- 
ed to the history books. Each day, therefore, 
the curriculum for social studies enlarges. 

The children of the fifties thought the 
addition of World War II difficult. Since 
then, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, 
the flight to the moon, many additional 
Presidents and Vice Presidents, Watergate, 
and the Iran-Contra affair are only a few 
important events to have been tacked on to 
American history classes. 

Our basic constitutional government has 
not changed; but, as each Congress and new 
Supreme Court members take their seats, 
the temper of the government changes; the 
interpretation of the constitution and the 
laws change. 

Psychology and sociology take on a new 
flavor as more studies are done and as hu- 
man behavior changes. 

Geography has been added to the cur- 
riculum of social studies as well. 

Social studies' material increases; it is 


36/Social Studies 


K ' ^lB 

"*' ~M 




^'/ jl^ 

jT T - r "U| f 5^^ 


«4 jHKx^sm H6 

Opposite Page Top Left: Mr. Spears teaches. 

Opposite Page Top Right: "We've got it!" What- 
ever they have, Susan Arnett, Matt Wilson, and 
Mike Mills certainly have gotten it "good." 

Opposite Page Bottom: Richard Rutledge pulls 
back to lead the discussion in social studies. 

Top: "I hope everyone has gotten these notes," says 
Mr. Finkbiner. Obviously, Karlisa Scott and Da- 
vid Marshall caught something other than the 

Middle: Nick Viers, Toni Marshall, Shelly Wal- 
lace, Denise Price fake out their teacher by giving 
the appearance of listening in U.S. history. Actual- 
ly they were probably color coordinating his tie and 

Bottom: Mr. Spears, Gale Lewis, Jonas Lundgren, 
Bonnie Bullens, and Stephanie Mendoza play the 
game to see who's on top of things in their Current 
Issues class. 

s fP k' 

■ . ■ ■ ■ -"*'■■""■'- 

Social Studies/37 


I don't really think it's a problem being in 
special education classes because most of 
the kids don't bother me. But if they did, I 
would try and take it. And it makes it easier 
to take it since there is usually a teacher 
around. I have kids in my classes that stand 
up for me. 

One bad thing about being in special edu- 
cation is having to use the elevator. But a 
good thing about being in special education 
is that you are as smart as anyone else; you 
mae just have a few disabilities. 

But if you feel bad about having disabil- 
ities all you have to do is read books and ask 
questions or talk it over with a friend. 

Probably the best thing to do for those 
who bother you is try to be their friends. 
Also for those that have problems in special 
education who have people bothering them 
a lot, be nice to them. 

Another thing students might bother you 
about is being in a wheelchair. Some people 
might make fun of you for being in a wheel- 
chair, but it really helps if you think to 
yourself that you are somebody too. 

Many of the people in special education 
are really smart, but they are just in special 
education because of physical problems. 

Don't feel sorry for those of us in special 
education; just get to know us because 
you'll like us. 

Richard Anderson 

Above Right: Aaron Payne is so active in activities 
requiring thinking and writing, TOWER and PEN 
POINTS, that he twists his mouth from thinking so 

Right: Donald Rusie and David Payne attend their 
favorite class — lunch; at least, at this moment it is 
their favorite class. 

38/Special Education 

Left: Wheelchairs are not all bad. David Payne and 
other special education students get front row seats at 
pep assemblies. 

Below: Ms. Shelby stays alert in case any students in 
special education needs her help. 

Bottom Left: Special education students attend regu- 
lar classes as here in a regular art class. 

Bottom Right: Special study is an important class to 
most students in this department. It is there if they 
want it or need it. 

Special Education/ 39 



Left: Michelle Leslie roots for the Howe team even 
though the pep assembly could not be held. 




School spirit ran high for the preparation 
of the Homecoming Football Game. Stu- 
dents worked on floats, practiced for the 
band, participated in spirit week, prepared 
cheers and banners, planned the pep assem- 
bly, voted for the queen and king, and var- 
ious other activities. 

Carmen Davenport became the Home- 
coming Queen and Eddie Hicks, King when 
the votes were tallied. The football team 
was ready to meet Broad Ripple and beat 
them. They brought a busy preparation 
time to a fruitful end with a win over that 

Rain put a bit of a damper on the Fri- 
day's activity causing a cancellation of the 
pep assembly and a noticeable protest by a 
few students. This understandable but not 
sanctioned protest caused problems for stu- 
dents later but did not ruin the fun of 
Homecoming. Homecoming with all its fes- 
tivity was certainly a success in every way. 

Top: Mr. Irvin Haas (in case you can't tell — left) was 
certainly beautiful dressed like Mrs. Jo Leffler on 
twins day. Luckily, he has very lovely legs. 

Above: Mrs. Rohrbach, Mrs. Wiseman, Mr. Dressier, 
and Mrs. Bryd lend their old-time knowledge to the 
50's spirit day for the Homecoming — not that they're 
that old, of course. Ha! 

Right: The Senior Float busied Jenny Brown, Shelley 
Obcrholtzer, Curt Combs, and Tony Tyson. Tony 
might have gotten the worst deal. 


Left: Carmen Davenport shows her pleasure for 
being honored as Homecoming Queen. 

Below: Ginger Butler and another student get into 
the act for the 50's day fun. Do you think they got 
advice from those teachers? 

Bottom Left: The Queen and her Court (Left to 
Right): Telia Cruz, Stephanie West, Carmen Dav- 
enport, Bobbie Smith, and Karlisa Scott pick up an 
ovation for their honor. Beauty deserves applause, 
(though we know there is more than that in these 

Bottom Right: Cheering at the Powder Puff game 
is Jenny Wilson. Do you think she will have enough 
voice left for the boys' football game. 



Right: Thespians in Action: Shelley Oberholtzer, vice 
president, stands on the ladder out of sight while Amy 
Watt, president, works with Matt McBurnie. 

Left: German Club (Left to Right): Mr. Stanley, Paul 
Shephard, Jennifer Benton, Kris Green. 

Right: Chess Club (Left to Right): Front Row: Antho- 
ny Wise, Damon Tandy, Steve Deeter. Back Row: Mr. 
Skene, Jon Culvahouse, Thomas Freitag, Steve White, 
Tom Warren. 

Left: ICT (Left to Right) Front Row: Robi Foor, Shawna 
Roth, Chris Duncan, Harold Williams. Second Row: Ann 
Hickman, Dayna Offutt, Eddie Farley. Third Row: Jeff 
Taylor, Regina Trent, Dave Sanders, Frank Love, Matt 
Britt, Jeremy White. Row Four: Mr. Taflinger. 


Right: National Honor Society (Left to Right): Front 
Row: Deborah Hanna, Denise Slayback, Tracy Brown, 
Shelley Oberholtzer, Stacey Faryna, Nicole Brown, Rose- 
mary Deal. Second Row: Curtis Combs, Richard Harrell, 
Crystal Powell, Andrea Sanders, Aimee Partlow, Rhonda 
Bowman, Shanica Lee, Kristin Woodard. Back Row: Mi- 
chael Johnson, Matt Wilson, Rewa McGinnis, Andrew 
Lane, Joseph Bramblett, Rodney Burns, Matt McBurnie, 
Mrs. Keaton. 

Left: Media Club (Left to Right): Front Row: Richard 
Cline, Aimee Partlow, Jerrita Jones, Karec Jones. 
Back Row: Mrs. Leffler, Bertina Howard, Nikki 
Bradberry, Crystal Powell, Amy Hucks, Wendy Wil- 
liams, Melissa Humphries. 

Right: Brain Game (Left to Right): Front Row: Mr. 
Spears, Betsy Deeter, Ana Roof, Paul Pritchard. Back 
| Row: Michael Johnson, Steve White, Steve Deeter. 

Left: DECA (Left to Right): Front Row: Angela Bull- 
ock, Stephanie Klutey, Tina Boardman, Dawn Parker, 
Shannon Alstott. Second Row: Pat Cowin, Nikki Tay- 
lor, Lynetta Payne, Katina Owens, Tracy Powers, 
Mrs. Bareford. Back Row: Kim Cross, Andre Miller, 
Eric Stewart, Robin Barlow. Not Pictured: Candy 
Seeley, Stacey Faryna. 


French Club (Left to Right): Back Row: Amy Weidner, 
Kristin Woodard, Amy Beck, Melissa Benton, Robert 
McBurnie, Rosemary Deal, Mrs. Jody George. Front 
Row: Jennifer Maher, Melissa Deem, Lashauna Angel. 

Stage Crew (Left to Right): Front Row: Melissa Jack- 
son, Christa Huntsinger, Tonya Smith, Kim Smith. 
Second Row: Brian Stanley, Cliff Davidson, Adrienne 
Pruitt, Christopher Whaley, Albert Adams. Third 
Row: Avery Dillinger, Jeff Reidy, Damon Zaphiriou, 
Renee Smith, Brian Crocket. Back Row: Mr. James 

Future Educators (Left to Right): Mr. Richard Beck, Bill 
Burmeister, Tisha Turnipseed, Chuck Lewis. 

International Club (Left to Right): In Front: Sidney 
Moore. First Row: Elizabeth Deeter, Kristen Woo- 
dard, Shelley Oberholtzer, Anita Enz, Melissa Ben- 
ton, Julie Merriman. Second Row: Clara Winslow, 
Regina Trent, Amy Watt, Jason Cox, Mike Johnson, 
Jacintha Malone, Garnet McNeely, Joyce Malone. 
Back Row: Keith Trinkle, James Langley, Brian Rol- 
land, Gary Deeter, Robert Brunke, Michael Johnson. 


Cooperative Office Education (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Deborah Friddle, Michelle McCullough. Middle Row: 
Tamica McCary, Teresa Gilbert, Lisa Johnson, Angela 
Willis, Rosemarie Herald, Raynette Jenkins. Back Row: 
Tonya Davis, Jessica Byrd, Tina Howard, Tawana Bish- 
pp, Joanna Zaphirious, Angela Vie, Mrs. Yvonne Perry. 

V M& 4 

. .... y*-.v ' 

Far Left: Bonnie Bullens, editor, checks material for 

Left: Jerry Knowles, assistant editor, for PEN 
POINTS helps rate original material written by Howe 

Science Club (Left to Right) Gina Morgan, Christina 
Wells, Mr. James Yarber, Chad McBride. 


Right: Amy Weidner participates in a French Club 




Above: Students in "The History of Rock 'n Roll" 
get brought up to date by Mr. White. 

Right: Rosemary Deal and Matt McBurnie take a 
breather between song rehearsals. 

Right: Choralaires (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Jennifer Steffey, Amber Weaver, Amy Lee, 
Jeannie Stamps, Christina Drew, Amy Quiett, 
Alisa Nicoson, Trixie Whobrey. Second Row: 
Tara Myers, Yolanda Mullins, Jeniky Hatton, 
Maya Watt, Glendolyn Nalley, Jennifer Pressler, 
Mary Hicks, Carla Goodnight, Jill Steffey. Back 
Row: Lynne Morgan, Treava Clower, Joyce Ma- 
lone, Melisa Humphries, Jacintha Malone, Mi- 
chelle Orr, Rose Webb, Angela Shanklin, Tanya 
Yates, Bob Bramblett. 

Opposite Page Top: Concert Choir (Left to 
Right): First Row: Alfonso Williams, Christina 
Drew, Amy Cook, Stephanie Phillips, Denessa 
Harmon, Noel Holmes, Lisa Urich, Rosemary 
Deal, Jennifer Maher, Amanada Slaughter. Sec- 
ond Row: Shawn Lee, Rhett Lawmaster, George 
Maynard, Kristin Woodard, Ayako Sakurai, 
Clara Winslow, Anita Enz, Waymon Miles, Lisa 
Smith, Becky Starr, Melissa Deem. Third Row: 
Jill Steffey, Amy Watt, William Sanders, Robert 
Ballew, Antonio Armour, Jerry Knowles, James 
Alexander, Tracy Kord, Chris Christian, Dana 
Huddleston, Michelle Graves, Branden Raymer, 
Andrew Woodard. Fourth Row: Larry Knapp, 
Joseph Bramblett, Christopher Whaley, Sheridan 
Melton, Jason Cox, Chad Burris, Jeffery Porter, 
Karlisa Scott, Jacintha Malone, Robert McBur- 
nie, David Van Sell, Joyce Malone. 


Bottom: Varsity Singers (Left to Right): First Row: 
Clara Winslow, Jeffery Porter, Becky Starr, Joyce Ma- 
lone, Alfonso Williams, Kristin Woodard. Second 

Row: Antonio Armour, Jerry Knowles, Lisa Smith, Da- 
vid Van Sell, Jason Cox, Waymon Miles, Garnet 
McNeely. Third Row: Lynne Morgan, Shawn Lee, Jo- 

seph Bramblett, Robert McBurnie, Rosemary Deal, 
Jacintha Malone, Robert Bramblett. 

The Music Department creates a lot of 
fun though it requires a lot of hard work. 
Just as other classes, a student has to work 
hard to get an A. There are a lot of after 
school activities that have to be done - 
rehearsals, performances, and such. The 
department puts on musicals twice a year, 
one in the spring and one in the summer. 
For the spring musical, students work for 
three months to give two performances. 
One student said about the Music Depart- 
ment, "It's going pretty even. I mean a lot 
of people are dropping out, but those who 
are left are working hard." 

The Music Department offers quite a va- 
riety of music classes — music theory, 
choralaires, varsity singers, several choirs, 
history of rock 'n roll, concert band, sym- 
phony band, keyboarding, orchestra, varsi- 
ty band, and string ensemble. The depart- 
ment seems to offer most any class that a 
music student might want. 



Left: How long can they go? The orchestra "gets 
down and dirty" with an expert bass section. 

Opposite Page Top Right: A flustered Jason Cox, sur- 
prised by the camera, seems to have lost his place in 
the music. 

Opposite Page Top Left: Brenda Alexander and Kim 
Mertz find themselves "just fiddling around" in or- 
chestra class. 

Opposite Page Bottom: Concentration is the name of 
the game as the cellos and basses try desperately to 
stay in tune. 

Below: Kristen Beckley and Sherie Proctor do their best to make each 
melody flow. 

v~ - 

Left: Orchestra (Left to Right): Front Row: Brenda Alexander, Danielle 
Vertner, Kim Mertz, Kathy Smith, Beverly Pettigrew, Victoria Williams, 
John Pritchard, Rose Childs, Jason Cox. Middle Row: Angie Shanklin, 
Lachnwda Payton, Michelle Robinson, Christine Wells, Heather Mays. 
Denessa Harmon, Cathy Flynn, April Davidson, LaShonda Downs, Wendy 
Williams. Back Row: Sherie Proctor, Tiffany Smith, Treava Clower, Jenni- 
fer Sharpe, Heather Hobbs, Angela Landers, Jeramy Padgett, Tara Castan- 
eda, David VanSell, Mrs. Bartolowits. 



Howe's Music Department presented the 
musical WORKING. Working is simply a 
collage of different people doing various 
jobs. Overlapping one another in the twist- 
ed, tangled lives of each other, the charac- 
ters range from newspaper copy boys to cor- 
porate executives. Each character is differ- 
ent, but all have the same problems, 
problems covering such events as being 
hired and being fired. The blue collar work- 
ers always portray someone wanting more; 
and the migrant workers, someone wanting 
to show what they had to go through to put 
salad on someone's plate. Music students 
worked under unusual circumstances this 
year to present the spring musical — the 
auditorium was closed for repair work and 
they were forced to present their perfor- 
mance on constructed stages in the balcony 
of the gymnasium. The audience, as never 
before, was seated in the balcony of the 
gymnasium to observe the grand tradition 
of the Music Department in a more inti- 
mate setting. 

Jerry Knowles 

Top Left: Rosemary Deal thinks her job is an art, but 
she is only a waitress. 

Top Right: As a steelworker, Joe Bramblett lays pipe. 
Middle: It seems to Matt McBurnie that being a ma- 
son is messy work. 

Right: Waymon Miles, Joe Bramblett, and Jeff Porter 
get together on break and talk about their jobs. 
Opposite Page Top Left: Chad Burris checks the me- 
ter and records his findings. 

52/Spring Musical 

Below: Jason Cox, an elderly man, remembers his 
youth and considers "Missing you" with relation to it. 
Bottom: Clara Winslow, housewife, tries to handle 
intruders, Chad Burris and Jerry Knowles, without 
going insane. 

Spring Musical/53 

Below: (Left to Right) Front Row: Yvonne Williams, Cindy Hoskins, Yo- 
landa Cole, Melissa Bow, Stacey Allen, Felicia Willis. Back Row: Tiffany 
Majors, Jenny Delk, Damon Bryant, Juan Moore, Shermika Snow. 

Right: (Left to Right) Mia Merriweather, Jamoni Harper, Damon Tandy, 
Lamont Harvey. Back Row: John Keefe, Robert Tatum, Aaron Stepp. 

Bottom: Front Row: Kesha Cooper, Connie Foley, Darby Finney, Rosemary 
Baily, Angie Duncan, Maya Watt, Shannon Walters, Tracy Uhls, Contessa 
Bradford, Jessica Ireland. Second Row: Yvonne Williams, Stacey Allen, 
Jenny Delk, Melissa Bow, Cynthia Hoskins, Damon Bryant, Juan Moore, 
Felicia Willis, Shermika Snow, Tiffany Majors, Yolanda Cole. Third Row: 
William Burmeister, Brian Burgess, Bridgett Head, Rhett Lawmaster, Paul 
Linville, William Rutherfor, Emma Johnson, Tony Johnson, Sherry Coff- 
man, Marc Wilson, Deonbrae Brown. Fourth Row: Mia Merriweather, 
Aaron Stepp, Jamoni Harper, John Keefe, Robert Tatum, Walt Neihoff, 
Damon Tandy, Jimmy Deal, Fredrick Harvey, Chris Gill, Michael Gregory, 
Sherrie Proctor, Director Keith White. 




Left: (Left to Right) Darby Finney, Rosemary Bailey, 
Angie Duncan, Maya Watt, Shannon Walters, Tracy 
Uhls. Back Row: Connie Foley, Kesha Cooper, Jessica 
Ireland, Contessa Bradford. 

Middle: (Left to Right) William Burmeister, Brian 
Burgess, Paul Linville, Bridgette Head, Rhett Law- 

Bottom Left: Front Row: Michael Gregory, Marc 
Wilson, Sherry Coffman, Tony Johnson. Back Row: 
Emma Johnson, William Gregory, Sherie Proctor. 

Above: (Left to Right) James Deal, Walter Hieoff, 
Norvell Young. 


Below: Along with trumpeteer Billy Burmeister, the 
J.R.O.T.C. color guard really knows how to start a ball 
game on the right note. 

Right: Standing tall and looking mean, the J.R.O.T.C. 
is ready for action. 


One day in J.R.O.T.C. is a fun, exciting, 
and innovating learning experience. In this 
class, a student, as a cadet, is allowed an op- 
portunity to execute some of his leadership 
and following skills. This course gives those 
cadets who don't have a high self-esteem a 
better outlook about their lives. 

Each year a student returns to J.R.O.T.C, 
he gains a lot more knowledge about situations 
that will occur in daily life. It is also a class 
that expresses tons of history — history of the 
army and really basic American history. 

The students who take this course don't like 
the uniforms at first, but once they begin re- 
ceiving more and more medals and rank they 
can't wait to wear the uniform each Thursday. 

I would recommend this course to anyone 
who doesn't know exactly where he would like 
to go in his future. 

In a final word, Junior Reserve Officers' 
Training Course is the greatest thing since the 
invention of the bubble gum machine. If a 
student puts forth an effort and does all he can 
do in this course, he will be greatly rewarded 
for all his hard work! 

Cadet Captain Aaron P. Stepp 

56/ JROTC 









Bottom Center: J.R.O.T.C. stands for leadership, dis- 
cipline, and inspections from Sergeant Malone. 

Far Left: Richard Rutledge and Paul Woempner 
gradually fall from the attention position into the gos- 
sip position. 

Left: Abdul McGraw and Lewis Curry do their best to 
stay at attention so they can avoid doing push-ups. 

Below: Officers Aaron Stepp and Mark Lampkins 
take a time out to poke fun at the rest of the group. 



Top Left: Administrative Staff (Left to Right): Pau 
Woempner, Aaron Stepp, Brandy Wright, James Wright: 
Albert Adams. 

Left: Girls' Drill Team (Left to Right): Back Row: Yo- 
landa Cole, April Davidson, Teela Neal, Latoya Car- 
ruthers. Fourth Row: Nyla Parker, Monica Graham, Lisa 
Ware, Tiffany Holland. Third Row: Juanita Bray, Court- 
ney Robinson, Lukeysha Golden. Second Row: Atallie 
Dinkins, Sajuan Harvey, Renee Shanks, April Cruz. First 
Row: Kesha Cooper, Danielle Vertner, Belinda Smith. 


Below: Rifle Team (Left to Right): First Row: Brandy 
Wright, Albert Adams, Steve Wright, James Wright. 
Second Row: Brandan Greene, John Burton. Back Row: 
Christopher Wills. 

Right: Color Guard (Left to Right): Carl Proctor, Jason 
Gibbs, Sherry Roberts, Lewis Curry, Kalvin Nichols. 




^T \ . . 

Bk, E ~~fr~" 







"~ \ 

^r^ ■■ i 

iJm ' 


<• > <. 


*"*^2!^B ; 







Opposite Page Bottom Right: Paul Linville and another student demonstrate to Sherry 
Roberts how properly to hold a rifle in after school practice. 

Bottom Left: James Wright zooms in on his target at rifle meet. 

Bottom Right: (Left to Right): Carl Proctor, William McClara, Mike Martin, Tom 
Freitag, and Eric Fuqua present the colors at the pep rally. 



The Tower staff has had a lot of expectations and 

Is it true? How far along do you think she is? Should 
we ask her? When will it be here? We know the due 
date, but will it be on time? What will it look like? Is 
this why that room had to be cleaned out and all those 
old things taken down and new ones put up? Does this 
explain the change in her attitude as well? What 
changes will this bring for the Tower? 

These were questions the Tower Staff whispered 
among themselves during the first two weeks of school 
while waiting to build up the courage to ask Mrs. 
Martich whether or not the rumors were true. Finally, 
two brave staffers asked the big question and were told 
that, yes, Tower was getting new computers and, yes, 
in case it wasn't obvious, Mrs. Martich was pregnant. 

Tower went through other changes too. This year 
there are two staffs which alternate putting out issues. 
This means two editors-in-chief and so on. Then the 
style of the type and format of a page were changed. 

Even with all of these expectations and changes the 
goal of Tower to put out a good student publication, by 
the students for the students, remained unchanged. 
Amy Cook 

Top Middle: Tower Staff (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Mary Nicewanger, Lisa Monroe, DeRita Taylor, 
Kathy Smith, Aaron Payne, Eric Abner. Middle Row: 
Dawn Yeary, Erika Pavlides, Carrie Cunningham, 
Jessica Byrd, Bonnie Bullens. Back Row: Jeff Red- 
mon, Mrs. Vicki Marich, Advisor, Amy Cook. 

Right: Mary Nicewanger sits on her desks as she dis- 
cusses issues to be in print. 


Top Right: Lisa Monroe thinks about what she 
should write. 

Right Middle: James Langley spaces out into his 
own world searching for ideas for his story. 

Left: Tracy Sandlin puts together a paste-up lay- 
out for the paper. 





■',:■ ; 


Below: Back to nature, Stephanie Mendoza makes 
Cross Country running look easy and fun. 

Bottom: "Don't strain yourself, Julie. I'll get it!" gasps 
Rose Childs while Julie Merriman watches in amaze- 

64/Spring Sports 

Bottom Left: With tremendous strength and determi- 
nation, Angie Webb puts that shot put right where it 

Bottom Right: Third baseman Brooke O'Conner 
coaxes the ball to her mitt as Coach Page stands be- 
hind watching. 

Spring Sports/65 


The variety of events at a track meet keep 
many students busy as well as many offi- 
cials. Running, jumping, throwing, and 
such activities do not allow track students 
to stand still for long. When not competing, 
track participants often warm up with 
stretching or exercises. 

The starting gun, the time watch, and the 
tape measure are items needed by the offi- 
cials during a meet. Self-reliance, self-as- 
surance, and self-control are qualities need- 
ed by the students during a meet. These 
qualities are especially important for track 
because it is more of an individual than a 
team sport. There are, however, some 
events that require team work. To be sure, 
the teams attitudes unites in one goal — 
placing a W in the win column for Howe 
High School. 

Right: Michelle Thomas finds out the true meaning of 
STRETCH when she extends her legs just a little 

Middle: Time stands still for Tiffany Archey as she 
just barely scrapes the bar. 


Below: Tell those measurers to go back farther; for, 
when Shannon Harvey gives it all she has, you know it 
is going to go far! 

Below Bottom: Sitting: Leah Daniels, Angela Webb, 
Candalyn King, Tiffany Archey, Dawn Thompson, 
Stephanie Mendoza. Kneeling: Danielle Vertner, 
Gayla Young, Shaneca Lee, Angie Ewell, Shannon 
Harvey, Regina Davis, LaQuita Alsum. Standing: Ni- 
cole Brown, Tiffany Coleman, Michelle Ball, Michelle 
Thompson, Derita Taylor, Dale Dinkens (assistant 
coach), and James Whisler (coach). 


!***»•* *R 'V m 



The Baseball Team of this year is differ- 
ent in a couple of ways compared to the 
team of last year. The first change of the 
team is the coach. This team has a new 
coach, and his name is Mr. Renie. He was 
the J.V. coach last year and he replaced 
Mr. Woodfork this year. The second 
change of this year is the team spirit. The 
team of this year is more motivated and 
eager to win, compared to the team of last 
year. The team feels that they have a good 
team and that they can play better baseball 
than last year's team. This year's team is 
putting last year's team in the back of their 
minds and are focusing and concentrating 
on this year's schedule. This year's team is 
led by eight returning lettermen. Gary Pier- 
sail and Mark Atchley are the returning 
catchers while Mike Tucher, Tim Messen- 
ger, and Don Salyers will be doing the 
pitching. Randy Anderson will be on first 
base while John-Paul Weidner and Marcus 
Moore will be in the outfield for the Hor- 

Tim Messenger 

Right: "I'm ready," says catcher Jeff Redmon patient- 
ly waiting for the ball. 

Left: Ty Cobb, who attends Howe's Child Development 
class, practices to become the Ty Cobb of Howe High 


Above: Baseball buddies Gary Piersall and Mike Tucher 
make a great team. 


f4 ? 

gome Hw™ 

« s 

Top: (Left to Right): Front Row: Jason Davey, John 
Moenius, Mark Atchley, Michael Tucher. Second 
Row: Randy Anderson, John-Paul Weidner, Gary 
Piersall, James Worth, Jeff Sherfick. Back Row: 
Coach Mr. Rhinehart, Tim Messenger, Paul 
Woempner, Kevin Spargur, Marcus Moore, Coach 
Mr. Woodfork. Above: (Left to Right) Kneeling: Jeff 
Redmon, Jason Davey, Scott Steiner, Andy Woodard, 
Jeremy Burris, Michael Williams, Robert Brunk. Jer- 
ry Hurst. Standing: Coach Renie, Randy Wilson. Ke- 
vin Hornback, Aaron Sparks, David Holt, Alan Tut- 
tle, James Alexander, David Moody. Left: Resting for 
the game, Mike Tucher and Gary Piersall psyche each 
other up. 



The 1989 Howe Boys' Golf team com- 
petes during the spring and is coached by 
Bill Smith. This year, the team ended with 
ten wins and four losses. The Hornets won 
the IPS golf tournament for the third year 
in a row and individually, Howe took the 
top two places in the tournament. 

This year promises to be a rebuilding 
year for the golf team with only one letter- 
man returning. The goals for the next sea- 
son are a twelve win season, victory in the 
IPS tournament, place in the top three in 
the city tournament, and finish in the top 
seven in the sectionals. 

Although we have lost some strong play- 
ers, we feel confident that through hard 
work and determination, we can set a solid 
foundation and achieve our goals in the 
1990 season. 

Brian Stanley 
Michael Johnson 

Right: This drive best not hit the trees. 

Below: Not too fast and not too slowly hopes the put- 

Above: (Left to Right) Kneeling: Mike Johnson, Tony 
Dean (captain), Jeff Stone, Jim Deal, Brian Stanley. 

Standing: Aaron Stepp, Andy lane, Coach Bill Smith, 
Johan Hedlund, Keith Trinkle, Damon Zaphiriou. 

70/Boys' Golf 


This year, the Girls' Tennis Team had 
their successes and failures, but that never 
interrupted their outstanding goal of 
achievement. Each win demonstrated the 
closeness of the team and even through the 
losses, the team still stuck together. 

"We've participated over the summer in 
a tennis program which really challenged 
us, and I think the team will do better be- 
cause of this," said Rose Childs. While 
some players felt the season greatly ad- 
vanced their tennis game, still others saw it 
as a general growing experience. Julie Mer- 
riman said, "The season was great overall. 
We became closer as time went on. 1 met 
new friends and learned more about my 
older friends. It was my first year playing 
doubles but it was fun and 1 have a lot of 
great memories to look back on." 

Whatever the individual feeling, the 
team's strong point was the closeness of the 
players. It kept them going this year and 
hopefully will continue to push the team to 

Bonnie Bullens keeps an eye on that ball. 

Below: Hit one over the net for Howe. 

Above: (Left to Right) Bottom Row: Simone 
Boehrer, Lisa Urich, Amanda Slaughter, Julie Mer- 
riman. Middle Row: Tracy Tolin, Sarah Foltz, Rose 

Childs, Bonnie Bullens, Trisha Tolin. Standing: 
Stephanie Labouro, Coach Errol Spears, Marcie 


Girls' Tennis/71 

It could have been Howe's best softball 
season in a long time, but injuries to major 
players left the less experienced ones with 
difficult tasks to perform. 

After working hard pre-season with 
Coach Page, Bev Guernsey was in the best 
pitching shape of her career. Bev was one of 
the most important players until she was 
injured in a running drill at practice. Senior 
Sherri Ochs and Sophomore Jennifer Ack- 
lemire replaced her following the incident. 
Mr. Patton showed Jennifer a new way to 
pitch and she really started blooming 
around sectional time. 

Another valuable player, Valerie Vespo, 
started the season hitting at .533 with a pair 
of home runs and 25 RBTs. Ligament dam- 
age to Valarie's knee ended her chances to 
play for Howe. 

"This year we just didn't have the pitch- 
ing." Hopefully next year with teamwork 
and more experience, we will have a more 
overall successful season. 

Rita Cruz 
Kim Berwanger 

Right: "I hate that ball! I hate that ball!" exclaims 
Michelle Humphries as she tries desperately to hit a 
homer against Washington. 

Below: Amy Moore protects her second base territory 
by scooping up a shoestring line-drive. It looks as 
though it should be an easy out. 

Injuries Prevent Howe's Best 

■ "■%&■- 


Sitting: Dora Givan, Jennifer Tolin, Amy Moore, 
Kimberly Berwanger, Stacey Utley. 
Middle: Rhonda Bowman, Telia Cruz, Brooke O'Con- 
nor, Michelle Humphries, Melissa Deem, Sherri 

Standing: Valerie Vespo, Rita Cruz, Jennifer Ackel- 
mire, Candy Seeley, Doretta Thomas, Beverly Guern- 
sey, Jason Bundy. 

Right: After a hard day in the field, Sherri Ochs final- 
ly makes it home where she finds a Continental catch- 
er waiting. 


Above: Jennifer Tolin invents a new dance called "The 
High Five Conga." Sherri Ochs and Brooke O'Conner fall 
in step. 

Left: Weirdness overcomes Jennifer Ackelmire after re- 
leasing a fierce pitch to a purple monster from Washing- 
ton High School. 



Ben Davis 


Decatur Central 
Broad Ripple 
Franklin Central 
Lawrence Central 










1 1 

.• . - • -* 




74/Fall Sports 




Top: John Melton is wary of the camera capturing the 
team's secret strategy while other team members lis- 
ten intently to last minute instructions. 

Far Left: Jonas Lundgren, our foreign friend, adds a 
little extra to the tennis team. 

Middle: The Girls' Cross Country team really sticks 
together and sprints to an early lead against Heritage 

Left: Poised and pert, Rewa McGinnis putts practical- 
ly perfectly in practice. 

Fall Sports/7f 

Listed below are the special recognitions the 
I.P.S.A.C. All Conference 

James Mi 
Rodney Bur 


Honorable Mention 
James Miller 
Matt Britt 

Junior All-State 

Honorable Mention 
Garry Smith 
Greg Zinerman 

Left: (Left to Right) First Row: Mike Martin, Derrick 
Sherrill, Eddie Hicks, Rodney Burns, James Miller, 
James Coomer, Victor Grisby, Matt Britt. Second 
Row: Arthur Watkins, John Melton, Galen Buckner, 
Clif Davidson, Marcus Moore, Steve Berry, Scott Ho- 
gue. Third Row: Daron Myers, Anthony Booker, Ke- 
vin Spargue, Aidis Thomas, Mark Atchley, Brad 
Hunter, Scott Gregory, Tony Spears. Fourth Row: 
Greg Zinerman, Garry Smith, Brian Stanley, Malik 
Ahmad. Fifth Row: Sheridan Melton, John Hamilton, 
Darryl Harvey, Marco Snider, Adam Marcum — 
manager, Lindell Reid. Sixth Row: Bruce Shadiow 
asst. coach, Ron Finkbiner — asst. coach, Jim Keenan 

— trainer, Richard Harpold — head coach. Bill Smith 

— asst. coach, Ron Lawson — equipment manager. 

Varsity Football Scores 













Fort Wayne 









Broad Ripple 






KL I i 


6 w 

ns 2 losses 


The 1989 football team was special. In 
1 987 Howe was 7- 1 and 1 988 undefeated 8- 
0. We lost 20 seniors and another 8 players 
moved or didn't make their grades. We 
were inexperienced and thin in numbers. 
After 4 games we were 1-3, and defensively 
we gave up 84 points the last 2 games. The 
excuses were there. It would have been easy 
to continue to lose. This team didn't. They 
pulled together, travelled to Gary Andrean 
and won 23-7. After that we beat Arlington 
(15-13), Broad Ripple (22-20), and North- 
west (13-7). 

Good things happen when you work 
hard. Tech had to forfeit and we are the 
first I.P.S.A.C. champions (4-0) holding a 
season record of 6-2. 

Left: It's a fumble and there's a scramble for the ball. 
Howe's #32 Rodney Burns and #36 Greg Zinerman get in 
on the action. 

Bottom Left: The crowds cheer on #32 Rodney Burns 
while he tries desperately to get a hold on the ball. Run, 
Rodney, run! 

Below: Our Hornets have learned how to hit 'em hard at 
practice. Now they demonstrate it on the field against the 
Broad Ripple Rockets. 


JV & 



Scores do not necessarily tell the whole 
story. They do not tell about the hours of 
practices, the hard work, the team effort, 
and the member comradeship and fun. But, 
for those who think it is only the "bottom 
line" that counts and the "scores speak for 
themselves," here they are. 

Reserve Football Scores 













Broad Ripple 











Totals 3 wins 5 losses 

Freshman Football Scores 













Broad Ripple 



North Central 








Totals 4 wins 4 losses 

Right: James Hibbler and Coach Shadiow take a time 
to ponder the question, "What are they doing out 

Below: Way to go! Don't stop; look around; you're on 
your way to make a touch down! 



Above: (Left to Right) Freshmen First Row: William Rutherford, Erick Smith, David 
Mathis, Anthony Johnson, Chris Christian, Tom Carter, Oliver Barton. Second Row: Tony 
Ardizzone, Abdul McGraw, Tim Anderson, Jeramy Padgett, Ross Davis, Paul Neimann, 
Randy Patrick, Third Row: James Hibbler, Norman Ege, Bill Wallace, Mike Witt, Fred 
Harvey, John Puckett. Fourth Row: Coach Steve Bitner, Landon Chittender, Jason Russo, 
Eric Mahin, Paul Harris, Coach Paul Miller. 


fop: Yolanda Cole stretches to incredible heights to deliver a powerful serve that the 
ipposing team can only dream of returning. 

Kbove: Varsity Volleyball (Left to Right) First Row: Stacey Faryna, Crystal Powell, 
ifolanda Cole. Second Row: Jennifer Tolin, Amy Moore, Melissa Deem, Gayla Young, 
tali Johnson, Michelle Moore 

This year's volleyball season started out 
great with a defeat over Northwest High 
School. Unfortunately, the team lacked de- 
sire, dedication, and spirit. Too many play- 
ers were unwilling to listen and learn so the 
season wasn't so successful. 

One good point to the season was the 
freshman is possible that Howe 
broke a record this year with twelve to fif- 
teen freshmen coming out in one season. 
Though a lot of the ninth graders were inex- 
perienced, they really tried and played 
hard. They kept their chins up during all of 
their discouraging moments. Ms. Purvis 
will definitely have a more successful sea- 
son next year. 

Good luck to both varsity and reserve 
next year! 

Stacey Faryna 

• :„ •■-.. ~>^; *;?**•. ;~..^ '.• •;--.-»,-.. ~' 

Above: Junior Varsity (Left to Right) First Row: Amy Beck, Ana Dean. Tammy 
Hicks. Second Row: Erin Baxter, Sherry Roberts, Manda Adkins, Jennifer Caps. 
Third Row: Melissa Bow, Rachel King, Coach John Wiggins, Jennifer Steffey, 
Christy Biddle. 

Below: The girls are shaking hands saying, "Good game; it all ends well." 



Welcomes Two New Coaches 

This year, the Howe High School soccer 
program welcomed two new coaches, Fran- 
cis Hart Jr., head coach, and Bill Moore, 
assistant coach. The program started rough 
but as the season went on, we began to show 
progress. The team had to adjust to new 
coaches, new rules, and a lack of support 
from fans. 

Our first games were against Browns- 
burg and Broad Ripple. We came out in 
good condition and tied both games. We 
really started working on fundamentals 
that many players had forgotten. We 
looked like a team and played together. 
Game after game, we came close to winning 
but could not pull it off. Teams that killed 
us last year only beat us by one or two goals 
this year. We did not win any games, but we 
showed great improvement over the season. 

Hopefully next year, we can start prac- 
tices earlier and get into better shape. With 
more support from classmates and teach- 
ers, the soccer team could really make it a 
winning season for all. 

David Gut 

Right: Coach Hart gives the team a pre-game pep talk. 

Below: Ryan Pritchard drives down the field in an 
attempt to score. 

Above: First Row: Francis Hart Jr. (Coach), Andy 
Woodard, Ryan Dammeyer, Shawn Moore, Allen 
Worth, Jason Bundy, Marc Wilson, Mr. Bill 
Moore (Assistant Coach). Second Row: David 

Gut, Matt Wilson, Richard Harrell, Chris Irvin, 
Andy Lane, Chad Hammes, Paul Pritchard, Adri- 
enne Pruett. Third Row: Keith Bruce, Jason Mar- 
tin, Ryan Pritchard. 



Shows Dedication 
and Improvement 

This year, the Girls' Golf Team has 
shown a lot of dedication and improvement 
over last year. Every member on the team 
got a birdie this season. Some actually shot 
under par. Each member of the team has 
also shot a ball over a lake at least once. 
However, they found out that most often, 
the balls were attracted to the lakes as if the 
lakes were magnets. 

Here's some advice for young and old 
golfers alike: Beware of killer mosquitos, 
watch out for our four feathered friends, 
and never forget that balls don't swim! 

Top Left: "I know that ball is around here some- 
where," thinks Kathleen Tiernan. 

Above: A moment of great concentration as Shelly 
Oberholtzer prepares to Tee-off. 

Left: Top Row: Mr. Mahler (Coach), Kathleen Tier- 
nan, Brandy Wright. Bottom Row: Shelley Ober- 
holtzer, Shannon Fitzgerald, Laura Alexander. 

Ladies' Golf/81 


The coach reports this tennis teams' most 
outstanding achievement to be its good 
sportsmanship. Congratulations! A fine 

In the city tournament, the players 
ranked eighth in a field of twelve. In the 
IPS tournament, their position was fourth. 
Batting over 400, the team managed to en- 
joy themselves, to learn the game better, 
and to gain from the advantage of exercise. 

Boys' Tennis 













Broad Ripple 
Hamilton SE 














Beech Grove 




6 wins 8 losses 

Above: First Row: Mr. Spears (coach), Jason Davey, 
James Wright, Donald Salyers. Second Row: Jerry 
Knowles, Mike Wilson, Scott Thomas, Jonas Lun- 

82/Boys' Tennis 

Top Right: Mike Wilson makes faces just as the pros 
do while he tries to win a match at Ellenberger Park. 

Right: "Forget about style and grace, I just want to 
pound that ball!" says Thomas Freitag in yet another 
tight spot at the net. 

Below: First Row: Liz Hendricksen, Corennia Seeley, 

Carrie Williams, Amanda Kiefner, Candy Seeley, 

Shelley Wallace, Jill Steffey. Second Row: Kelly 

JSmith, Allison Bruveris, Amy Cook, Amanda Trotter, 

iCarrie Redmon, Amanda Slaughter, Rebecca Star. 


When the swim team practices started 
this year, only four members were there. 
The team realized that this was going to be 
a rebuilding year; and by the first meet, the 
team had acquired eight new swimmers. 

The team practiced hard and pulled to- 
gether to beat Beech Grove, Tech, North- 
west, and Arlington in dual meets. The 
team also did well in the Tech Invitational 
taking third place in the meet and second 
place for IPS schools. Coach Liz Hendrick- 
sen sent only select members of the team to 
represent our school in sectionals. 

Next year, the team will only lose two 
seniors. Co-captains, Amy Cook and 
Amanda Slaughter, will be returning for 
their fourth year on the team. The main 
goal for next year's team is to be City 
Champions. With a lot of hard work and 
dedication, the team can achieve its goal. 

Below: Carrie Williams is busy making moves, stroke 
by stroke, with her back stroke. 

>».' ***** *' 




i i 


■JV' •' ■ •■■ 

' + ' ' • ■■ - • '-■ ■ 

%'." ' S v. » 


►£.'•« H . 

• • ,5* » ■ .* « 

*\ v ■ ■ ' * . • ■•* 

* ■ ^ . 


T *■' : r .'i.- 



'*'""«.. *:•'** 

'"•- ■*■■*/ 

mj$j]i\* >'■'■' 

'* ■ ' . 


fe V 


, / 




W > 

\ •!' - 

'•- 4- ■■■ 




' , 

''. • 

v . , 


■ ""' '■'•■ 

■v • 


Girls' Swimming/83 

Top Left: Someone lost a shoe. 

Top Right: Jason Meek runs hard against strong winds 
and weak opponents in a meet at the park. 

Right: All the runners stare amazed at Juan Moore, 
better known as the "Leader of the Pack" 

Above: Boys' Cross Country (Left to Right) Front 
Row: Anthony Tyson, Juan Moore, John McCloud. 
Back Row: Anthony Wiese, Richard Vanlanst, Mr. 
Martin Sam. 

84/Cross Country 


Painful knees and ankles have been a leg- 
acy of cross country running for this year's 
teams. All members put forth their best ef- 
forts in spite of the pain necessary for the 
gain. The boys brought in a fifth place in 
one tournament and ninth place in the city. 

Boys' Cross Country 








North Central 















Heritage Christian 



Broad Ripple 

I 1 ) 


Left: Nicole Brown is in need of friend-aid from Da- 
mon Tandy after she ran so fast she made herself sick. 

Bottom Left: Girls' Cross Country (Left to Right) 
Front Row: Stephanie Mendoza, LaQuita Alsum, 
Shaneda Lee, Nicole Brown. Back Row: Mr. Dale 
Dickens, coach, Deidra Collins, Gayla Young, Sajaun 
Harvey, Tamika Dean. 

Bottom Right: Deidra Collins paces herself to make it 
to the finish line still on her feet. 

Cross Country/85 

Right: Thomas Allen puts the moves on Cathedral's 
"Fighting Irish." 

Opposite Page Top: Amanda Kiefner goes for the out- 
side fade-away shot. 

Opposite Page Bottom: John-Paul Wcidner takes his 
opponent down with no mercy. 

86/Winter Sports 

Winter Sports/87 


Thomas Allen, co-captain, observes that 
most teams are difficult to play because 
high school basketball teams are a select 
and special group — those who make the 
team are quite good. 

The goal of this year's team is to win 
more games than last year's team. The en- 
tire team works together to make this possi- 
ble. Whether they win or lose, this team 
works really hard; but, of course, they try to 

Co-captain Robert Mann agrees the 
team wants to do better than last year's 
team. He feels Howe's team should win the 
city tournament and the sectional. 

Top: Varsity Basketball Team (Left to Right) Front 
Row: Andre Smith, Rodney Burns, Kirk Pinkston, 
Walt Thompson. Back Row: Robert Mann, Andre 
Donaldson, Thomas Allen, Anthony Booker. 

Above: Thomas Allen shoots. We hope that is not a 
foul for him. 

Right: Robert Mann tries to put one in the net. We 
can't see the ball, but we bet he can. 


Left: Thomas Allen (left) watches to aid while Andre 
Smith shoots the ball. Anthony Booker is ready to 
assist while Robert Mann (right) gets himself in place 
for a rebound if necessary. 

Above: (Left to Right) Robert Mann, Andre Bottom Right: Anthony Booker keeps that ball 
Smith, and Anthony Booker are ready for what- away from the opponent while looking for an open 
ever happens to this shot ball. man. 




The Junior Varsity and Freshman Bas- 
ketball squads had many goals for the new 
season. To have a winning record, to win the 
City Tournament, and to improve their all 
around skills are some of the goals set by 
their teams, but their biggest goal is to pre- 
pare young men to be able to play on Varsi- 
ty level. 

The teams have played their games and 
have achieved some of their goals and are 
somewhat satisfied with themselves. 

Kristine Fisher 

Left: Freshman Angie Petree shows the Hornet powe 
during the game. 

Bottom Left: Hornet Norvell Young "works" the Falcon 
even with a flat ball. 

Below: Darrell Smith shows another fresh move from 
"fresh" man Hornet. 

Opposite Page Top: "Check 'em out and stay low," say 
freshman Darnell Pearson. 




The Girls' Basketball Team are coming 
off a 1 6-4 record in 1 989. That was the best 
in the city. This year's team finished run- 
ners-up in the City Tourney. Roncalli beat 
Howe 59-47. 

The team has the area's top player in 
Kim Cross. She is leading the Metro area in 
scoring, rebounding, and blocked shots. 
There are many division-one schools look- 
ing to Kim for next year. 

The girls' team will enter the Sectional 
with 14-4 record. They will have to beat 
Roncalli to advance in the State Tourna- 
ment. Overall, this year's team has been a 
very pleasant surprise, especially after los- 
ing six seniors off last year's team. 

Top: Varsity Team (Left to Right): Danielle Vertner 
Yolanda Cole, Larita Portor, Stephani Mendoza, Aman- 
da Kiefner, Michelle Moore. 

Far Left: Latoya Carruthers, wearing her "Air Jordan's' 
flies up for a lay up shot. 

Left Middle: "Feet don't fail me now," expresses Michelli 
Moore as she gets ready for a shot. 

Bottom Middle: "It's a jungle out there!" exclaims Aman 
da Kiefner. 

92/Girls' Basketball 

Opposite Page Far Right Middle: "This is how you do 
it!" demonstrates Kim Cross as she makes a basket. 

Left: Junior Varsity (Left to Right): Front Row: Jodie 
Bahre, Latoya Carruthers, Jennifer Tolin, Tammy 
Hicks. Back Row: Heather Sommers, Missy Salyers, 
Regina Davis, Derita Taylor. 

Below: "I want the ball!!" says Amanda Kiefner as 
she tries to steal the ball. 

Girls' Basketball/93 


Right: Tim Anderson goes for the take down. Below: 
Freshman Brian Marcum inflicts pain on his oppo- 
nent. Bottom: Wrestling Team (Left to Right): Front 
Row: Larry McDonald, Eric Fuqua, Brian Marcum, 
Marco Snider, Deon Brown. Second Row: John-Paul 
Weidner, Mike Williams, Juan Moore, Brian Ligon, 
Robert Ballew, Barry Thompson, Bennie Wagers. 
Third Row: Bruce Cunningham, Gary Smith, Oliver 
Barton, Eddie Hicks, Ernest Smith, Mark Roland, 
Mike Martin, Shawn Moore, Coach Paul Miller. 


Left: Bennie Wagers "busts a move" against his Beech 
Grove opponent. 

Left Middle: Mike Williams throws the crossface to 
pin his opponent. 

This year's wrestling team's goals were 
set high and many were accomplished. This 
was Mr. Miller's first year at Howe as head 
coach. Although Mr. Miller was hoping to 
have more people come out, the team 
worked hard to perform its best. 

The final accomplishments this year 
were Mike Williams and Gary Smith going 
to semi-state, and the freshman team win- 
ning second place in the city tournament — 
not a bad showing for the team. 

Bottom Left: Captain Eddie Hicks struggles for the 





This Is Spirit! 




O G 
L A 
D L 
E S 

Above: Golden Gals (Left to Right): First Row: 
Captain Jennifer Hardy. Second Row: Kim 
Beriwanger, Jill Steffey. Third Row: Kathleen 
Tiernan, Andrea Sanders, Lavonne Murre 
Fourth Row: Kristi Smith, Shannon Schweir, Ni- 
cole Bradvury, Tracie Maciotok. Fifth Row: Amy 
Sommers, Denessa Harmon, Jennifer Davis, An- 
gie Moore. Sixth Row: Kathy Cobb, Amy Hucks. 
Seventh Row: Mary Jo Hicks, April Hewlett, An- 
gie Willis. 

Right: Jennifer Hardy, Andrea Sanders, Angie 
Willis, and Lavonne Murrell are on their way to 
help the football team. 

Gals Help 

Sometime during every football game 
a person might find himself pondering 
the question: Who are those silly girls 
running around the field in gold jerseys? 
Well, it's an organization that makes life 
easier for the football team and coaches, 
and they call themselves the Golden 
Gals. What do they actually do? The 
Gals run water to the players, take stat- 
istics, run chains, and cheer our guys on 
to victory. 

This has been a very exciting year for 
the Golden Gals. They had a chance to 
travel to games at Fort Wayne Snider 
and Gary. They were great experiences 
and a lot of fun for everyone. 

Being a Golden Gal gives a person a 
chance to learn more about football and 
see the action behind the scene. It also 
100/Golden Gals 

gives a person a chance to get to know the 
football players better. The Golden Gals work 
very hard to make sure the games are running 
smoothly. There is a lot of work, but mostly it 
is just a lot of fun. 

Jennifer Hardy 

Right: Golden Gals stay around after a meeting and con- 

Opposite Page Top: Kathleen Tiernan and Jill Steffey 
stand with water on hand for football players. 


Golden Gals/101 

Above: Mat Maids, Kathy Cobb and Jennifer Hardy, 
clear away mats. As you can see, they are eager to 

Right Middle: "Help!" Angie Moore exclaims as she 
and Julie Merriman clean up after the guys. 

Right: Excitement grows as Mat Maids and fans cheer 
on the wrestling team. 

102/Mat Maids 


Left Middle: Mat Maids (Left to 
Right): Front Row: Charlene 
Schilling, Amanda Slaughter, Ju- 
lie Merriman, Amy Moore, Stacie 
Armstrong, Mary Jo Hicks. Sec- 
ond Row: Jennifer Hardy, Trisha 
Tolin, Jennifer Mosier, Christy 
Cantrell, Sheila Gibson, Kim Ber- 
wanger, Angie Moore. Back Row: 
Sharon Merriweather, Tracie Ma- 
ciotok, Amy Sommers, Jennifer 
Ackelmire, Taunya Weidner, 
Kathleen Buhanan, Kathy Cobb. 

Above: Charlene Schilling watches over Amanda 
Slaughter to learn how to do the scoring for the wres- 
tling matches. 

Left: Mat Maids Kathy Cobb, Stacie Armstrong, 
Amy Sommers, and Christy Cantrell fight over who 
will put the mat up. That's how dedicated these Mat 
Maids are. 

The Mat Maids are a support group for 
the Howe Wrestling Team. Unlike most 
schools, where the girls just cheer for the 
team, Howe's girls organize and work sev- 
eral tournaments and run all home meets 
which include the following assignments: 
scorers, runners, towel throwers, copiers, 
ticket sellers, hospitality, and distributing 

The Mat Maids travel with the team to 
away meets where they cheer and keep 
score. In addition to all of this, the girls 
clean up after the meets and tournaments. 

On Tuesday and Thursdays the Mat 
Maids have meetings after school where 
they make signs and posters to place 
throughout the school notifying students 
and staff of wrestling meets. They also 
make signs of encouragement for individual 

This year each Mat Maid was assigned a 
secret wrestler — like a secret pal. Each girl 
makes special signs for her secret wrestler, 
brings him oranges and apples to the meets 
and tournaments. 

Many hours are spent as Mat Maids, but 
they are hours of great fun. 

Mat Maids/103 





Change of sponsors rocked the cheer- 
leading squads this year. Mrs. Eileen 
Patton left for maternity and Mrs. Shel- 
ly Keller took over. Lack of cheerleading 
experience hindered some squads and 
difficulty scheduling regular practices 

A trip to Gary highlighted this year's 
varsity squad activity. The rain, the 
wind, and the lights in the stadium going 
out made this a unique experience at 
Gary's Homecoming Game. The spirit 
of the group was high with all the special 
effects at Gary. 

Top: After beating Broad Ripple, all squads gathered 
to promote the winning sign. 

Middle Left: Freshman cheerleaders look to see 
whether or not they missed their cue at the "resche- 
duled" pep rally. 

Middle Right: The Class of '92 is revved up for the 
game against Northwest. 

Left: Junior Varsity Football Cheerleaders (Left to 
Right) First Row: Heather Sommers, Michele Gray, 
Lisa Monroe. Back Row: Kelly Jones (Captain), Alli- 
son Whittemore, Christine Coomer. 

104/ Football Cheerleaders 

Left; Freshman Cheerleaders (Left to Right) First 
Row: Heather Hobbs, Territs Jones. Second Row: 
Kim Griffin, Charla Collins, Trixie Whobrey. 

Above: J.V. Cheerleader Heather Sommers cheers 
on the fans in hopes of a winning game. 

Left: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right) Angie 
Fitzgerald, Christy Cantrell, Tracie Kult, Lisa 

Football Cheerleaders/ 105 


Top Left: Junior Varsity ( Bottom to Top): Trina Hill 
Lisa Monroe, Shawn White, Christa Huntsinger, Ke 
ly Jones. 

Top Right: Freshman (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Jerrita Jones, Angie Petree. Back Row: Kim Griffin, 
Kisha Tandy. 

Above: Felicia Willis hurries to do her homework be- 
fore cheering. 





Dpposite Page Bottom Right: (Left to Right) Felicia Wil- 
is, Clara Winslow, Kathy Lashley, and Sedra Burhannon 
;alute to the "Star Spangled Banner" before a game. 

J Top: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Front Row: 
I Dora Jones, Kathy Lashley, Sedra Burhannon. Middle: 
■Stephanie Wright. Back Row: Felicia Willis, Jenny 
} Wright. 

Above: Hornet Honeys (Left to Right): Front Row: Bob- 
bie Smith, Danielle Vertner. Middle Row: Nicole Beaver, 
Deidra Collins, LaQuita Alsum. Back Row: Jenika Tay- 
lor, Michelle Thomas, Tisha Turnipseed. 

The Cheerleaders have had a really good season. 
They've had some ups and downs. The down side has 
been that a few people had trouble living up to their 
responsibility as a Cheerleader; and, therefore, their 
dismissal resulted. It seemed that the Varsity Cheer- 
leaders would be affected the most since they are seen 
the most, but they weren't. They started out with eight 
Cheerleaders which was cut back to four and then rose 
to six. Through it all, they managed to stay together 
and cooperate with one another. 

Cheerleading requires much practice and patience. 
Much is expected of a Cheerleader academically; also 
one is required to pass five classes. A Cheerleader is 
expected to keep a good reputation. Mrs. Keller, the 
Cheerleading coach, is thought to be great. She is very 
understanding and fun. She doesn't expect the squad 
to do anything that is impossible — only what it is 
suppose to do and what is according to the rules and 
regulations. Varsity Cheerleader Kathy Lashley says 
this, "We all get along great and Mrs. Keller is the 
best! The squads 1 was on before always argued, but 
we never do. I think we had a good season even though 
we did lose some cheerleaders. The rest of us stuck 
together and did the best with what we had." 

The Cheerleaders practice every Tuesday and 
Thursday from 2:45 to 4:00 P.M. Sometimes it is diffi- 
cult for them to have to go home and do homework 
because they're so tired, but it has to be done. Varsity 
Cheerleader Felicia Willis says, "Sometimes I've done 
homework from 4:30 until 9:00. It is hard sometimes. 
but I've survived so far." Many Cheerleaders maintain 
high grades. They recommend a little motivation and 
determination for anyone wanting to be a good student 
and a good Cheerleader. 

Cheerleaders/ 107 


Album/ 109 

Class of 1990 

m&f V^i 


Shannon Alstott Jennifer Amonette Robin Barlow Peggy Beech Rachel Bennett Stephen Berry 

Kimberly Berwanger Kristina Boardman Rhonda Bowman Willie Boyd Nicol Bradberry Joseph Bramblett 

Matthew Britt Jainean Brown Jennifer Brown Keith Bruce Allison Bruveris Dawnella Bryant 

Galen Buckner Bonnie Bullens Angela Bullock Rodney Burns Chad Burris Christopher Butterfield 


Jessica Byrd 

Martti Campbell Andrew Chambers Kathleen Clegg 

Jason Clouse 

John Cole 

Darrick Conley James Coomer 

Bradley Cox 

Rita Cruz 




Russell Currin 

* ^ v» * 


Leah Daniels Carmen Davenport Clifton Davidson Francita Davis Sebastian Davis 

Tonya Davis 

Above: Abort, Retry, or Ignore? Senior Michelle Les- 
lie tries to ignore most of the meaningless data being 
produced from that giant radioactive micro chip, bet- 
ter known as a computer. 

Seniors/ 1 

Karlissa Scott, President of Student Council, stands 
tall at the induction of officers, our only program held 
in the auditorium this year. 

Angie Ewell 

Stacey Faryna Kristine Fisher 

Shannon Fitzgerald Sherry Flanigan Roberta Foor 

Thomas Freitag Deborah Friddle Shelley Galyan Teresa Gilbert 

Jacqueline Graves Michael Gregory Melinda Hardin 

/ n\ii\\\\ffl!i 

Wes Hardin Jennifer Hardy Milissa Harper 

1 1 2/Seniors 


:ij Clayton Harris Rona Hart Shannon Harvey Rosemarie Herald April Hewlett Elizabeth Hickman 


Edward Hicks Shane Hicks Troy Hogue Bertina Howard Shawn Huckleby Greg Hurt 

Tonya Jagoe Raynette Jenkins Christopher Jones Elvis Jones 

Mark Judd Melissa Kehoe 

-lis Highness, Lionell Wilson, takes time out from affairs of state to share a moment 
if levity with one of his subjects. 

Gale Lewis 

Lisa Long Paula Lovins 

Seniors/ 113 

Jonas Lundgren Regina Maples Adam Marcom Crystal Martin 

Cathy Massey William McClara Rewa McGinnis 

Top: Senior Mike Highes sets an example for the un- 
derclass. A book a day keeps the F's away. 

Above: At the Powder Puff game, Kim Berwanger and 
her mom hope for the seniors to win. 

Waymon Miles 


Jason Martin 

Michael Martin 

Yolanda McNeal John Melton Timothy Messenger 

Andre Miller 


James Miller 

John Moenius Antonia Molina Marcus Moore 

Tracie Moore Marlinda Nunley Stacey Nutter 


w t^f 

k ***" 

iVm'^L? <i 

1 iB ^Hr 

| V 

Shelley Oberholtzer Dayna Offutt 

Katrina Owens 

- ; Adam Parker Christian Polston Chantele Porter 

Jeffery Porter Adrienne Pruett Teresa Rivers 

- iit 

Rick Roberts Anthony Robinson Brian Roland 

Below: Fonda Stagnolia dons her poodle dress to show 
her school spirit on 50's day. 

Shawna Roth 

\ # I 

Donald Rusie Richard Rutledge 

Ayako Sakurai Donald Salyers David Sanders 

Karlisa Scott 

Candy Seeley Joseph Shepherd 

Seniors/ 1 15 

Robert Sumpter 

Sheri Tansy 

Neikolyn Taylor 

Leonard Terry Stephanie Thompson Kathleen Tiernan 

Anthony Tyson 

Angela Vie 

Donald Wallace Thomas Warren Arthur Watkins 

Amy Watt 

1 16/Seniors 

John-Paul Weidner Audra West 

Eric White 

Jeremy White 

1 I 

Steven White 


Lionell Wilson Matthew Wilson Anthony Wise Paul Woempner 

Opposite Page: Bonnie Bullens takes it easy in the 
Tower room and discusses important rumors with her 
class mates. 

Above: B-U-S spells relief for Nicol Bradberry and 
Regina Maples as they make that long journey to their 
ride home. 

Seniors Say Farewell 

1986-87 Soybean burgers, freshman year, 
Ronald Reagan, class cheer, 
Tom Cruise, "Top Gun," phys. 
ed., no fun. 
1987-88 Sophomore year, Mr. Totten, 
dissect worms, cafeteria's still 
rotten, Nancy Reagan visits 
school, tells us drugs just ain't 
"cool," Homecoming fifty years, 
all the pressure from our peers. 
1988-89 Bomb threats, Madora's drills, 
chemistry is no big thrill,, City 
Champs — football team, year- 
1989-90 Study hall, bubble gum, Jack 
Daniels' Old Slum, students 
shout, senior clout, goodbye to 
Frank Tout, Spirit Week, 50's 
Day, all work and no play, pep 
session cancellation, students' 
walk out demonstration. 
Don't call me a liar 
Because I saw it all 
Down every hall. 
Don't call me a liar 
Our senior year is gone 
But memories still go on and on and on 
Here is a special announcement to an- 
nounce a special announcement: This is 
dedicated to the Senior Class of '90. 
Shelley Oberholtzer 
Kathleen Tiernan 

Seniors/ 1 17 

Our Town 

Talented, bright, enthusiastic students 
made OUR TOWN come to life for the 
senior-sponsored play. Students out-acted 
the professionals seen on a television play 
and movie; they made a play thought to be 
dull, truly alive and interesting. Joe Bramb- 
lett, Amy Watt, Matt McBurnie, Jason 
Cox, Rosie Deal, Jayna Green, Jerry 
Knowles, and Shelley Oberholtzer led the 
group. Four sets of brothers and sisters 
were present on or around the stage Kristin 
and Andy Woodard, Jim and Brandy 
Wright, Rosie and Jim Deal, and Melissa 
and Jenny Benton. Keith Trinkle, Amy 
Hucks, Laura Payton, Dave VanSell, 
Heather Hobbs, Allison Whittemore, Paul 
Linville, Alfonzo Williams, and Lindell 
Reid added much to the scenes. Sherie 
Proctor and Melissa Benton offered essen- 
tial and skillful student directing for a cast 
who prepared the play in seemingly record 
time — three and one half weeks. Those 
who aided with lights, tickets, bulletins, 
scenery, props and such — whatever small 
amount — were valued in the production of 
OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder. 

Above: Matt McBurnie, as George, gets scolded by his 
father, Jason Cox, for not helping his mother chop 

Left: Amy Watt, as Emily, (left) and her mother, 
Jayna Green (right), string beans while discussing 
whether or not Emily is pretty. 


1 ^ 

18/Senior Play 

Left: Matt McBurnie, as George, and Amy Watt, as 
Emily, work math problems from their windows. 

Right: At the soda fountain, Matt McBurnie, as 
George, decides not to go to college because he does 
not want to lose his relationship with Emily, Amy 

Above: Jerry Knowles, as Mr. Webb (right), prepares 
to leave after he and Joe Bramblett, Stage Manager, 
explain the town to the audience. 

Senior Play/ 119 


Above: The Student Council sponsored the pep 
assembly. Here the Bad Boys' Group performs at 
this event. 

Right: Football Coach Harpold speaks to the audience 
at the Student Council sponsored pep session. 

120/Student Council 

Above: Student Council (Left to Right): Front Row: Mi- 
lissa Harper, Stephanie Williams, Angie Willis, Karlisa 
Scott, Jason Bundy, Mary Nicewanger, Keith Trinkle. 
Second Row: Kim Berwanger, Shelley Oberholtzer, Kath- 
leen Tiernan, James Deal, Tracy Moore, Melissa Stid- 
ham. Third Row: Bill Burmeister, Brandy Wright, Sheri- 
dan Melton, Allison Whittemore, Lindell Reid, Lashauna 
Angel. Fourth Row: James Wright, Christa Huntsinger, 
Jonas Lundgren, Ayako Sakurai, Amy Lee, LaQuita Al- 
sum. Fifth Row: Mark Judd, Antonio Molina, Mike 
Wynne, Brian Schaefer, Kevin Anderson, Avery Dil- 
linger, Michelle Ball, Mrs. Aman, Larry Knapp. 

Student Council has been an active force 
in the life of Howe High School. From can- 
dy grams to the Leadership Odyssey, Stu- 
dent Council members have contributed 
time, energy, and spirit. The Council spon- 
sors various dances throughout the school 
year. The members also sponsor (a day 
which most teachers enjoy) Teachers' Ap- 
preciation Day. Christmas is a very busy 
time for Student Council. Members under- 
take projects like collecting clothes for the 
needy, entertaining the local nursing home, 
and decorating the neighborhood with lu- 
minaria. Homecoming and Winter Sports 
are also sponsored by our Student Council. 
Sponsor, Mrs. Aman, and President, 
Karlisa Scott, led Student Council for a 
mini period each day. Those twenty-five 
minutes led to hour after hour of fun and 
activity for Student Council and the stu- 
dent body of Howe High School. 

Left: The Student Council puts together the contest 
for the Homecoming Queen. The court is pictured here 
— Telia Cruz, Stephanie West, Bobbie Smith, Karlisa 
Scott (back) and Queen Carmen Davenport (front) 
Above: The Hilltopper students, Tracy Kord and 
Marianne Hickrod, have a great time being associated 
with the float activity of Student Council's planned 
Homecoming activities. 

Student Council/121 

Class of 1991 

Adams, Albert 

Alsum, Laquita 

Anderson, Kevin 

Anderson, Kim 

Armour, Connie 

Armstrong, Stacie 

Arnold, Keiona 

Atchley, Mark 

Atnip, Robin 

Ball, Lula 

Bateman, Darian 

Bates, Joseph 

Beckley, Kristen 

Bennington, Rhonda 

Benton, Melissa 

Bibbs, LeRoy 

Biddle, Christy 

Black, Shalonda 

Board, Shonice 

Booker, Anthony 

Boyd, Michelle 

Brackin, Penny 

Bradford, Contessa 

Brooks, LaWanda 

Brown, Nicole 

Brown, Tracy 

Brown, Vernon 

Brummett, Elvis 

Brunke, Robert 

Bundy, Jason 

Burgess, Brian 

Burgess, William 

Burris, Jeremy 

Burris, Rachel 

Burton, John 

Carleton, Toby 

Carlyle, David 

Carr, Margo 

Carrol, Lisa 

Carter, Melissa 

Carter, Shlon 

Caster, William 

Caudill, Tina 

Childs, Rose 

Cline, Richard 

Coates, Chris 

Cobb, Kathy 

Cole, Yolonda 

Coleman, Tiffany 

Collins, Deidra 

Conrad, Keith 

Cook, Amy 

Cotterman, Liza 

Cox, Jason 

Cox, Rhonda 

Coyle, Kristi 

Crutchfield, Rutha 

Cunningham, Michael 

Davey, Jason 

Davis, Regina 

Davis, Richard 

Davis, Gwendolyn 

Deal, Rosemary 

Deeter, Elizabeth 


Donaldson, Andre 
Downs, Lashonda 
Eads, Christopher 
Ellis, Lcroy 
Enz, Anita 
Evans, Benjamin 
Evans, Tracey 
Farmer, April 

Ferguson, Charla 
Fletcher, Tryphena 
Foster, Christopher 
Frye, Cherie 
Furnish, Theresa 
Gardner, Geraldine 
Gill, Chris 
Gillespie, John 

Goldsmith, Rosemary 
Goodnight, William 
Gordon, Julius 
Graff, James 
Graham, Monica 
Grant, Keith 
Green, Jody 
Green, Kristian 

Above: Tessa Kosegi spends her spare time searching 
for new friends. This Halloween, she found Sgt. 
Greenwood having one of his better days. 


Holmes, Noel 

Hopkins, Kenneth 

Horswill, Crysta 

Hucks, Amy 

Huddleston, Dana 

Hudson, Everett 

Hudson, Ravin 

Huggins, Terrance 

Hughey, Robert 

Humphries, Melisa 

Huntsinger, Jeannine 

Hums, Kimberly 

Irvin, Christopher 

Ishman, Lee 

Jenkins, Elisha 

Jewell, Kimberly 

Jinson, Brandy 

Johnson, Anthony 

Johnson, Chris 

Johnson, Michael 

Johnson, Tony 

Jones, Cora 

Keller, John 

Kendrick, Tamara 

Kendrick, Tamica 

Killebrew, Robin 

Kinney, Dale 

Kirlin, Michael 

Kissee, Adam 

Knowles, Jerry 

Kord, Tracy 

Kosegi, Tessa 

Above: Tracy Kord and Mike Hunt display ribbons on 
their fingers showing support for a drug free America. 

Right: Junior Michelle Maxey takes studying to heart 
as she busily searches for and records all the right 

Opposite Page: Taking advantage of one of the last 
days of Indian Summer, junior Dana Huddleston 
writes an essay in Mr. Shelton's English class. 


Lawrence, Jeff 
Logan, Brant 
Love, Kismet 
Maciotok, Tracie 
Maher, Jennifer 
Malone, Jacintha 
Malone, Joyce 
Manning, William 

Marshall, Toni 
Martin, Michael 
Martin, Tonya 
Mason, Nicole 
Maxey, Michelle 
Mays, Heather 
McBurnie, Robert 
McCants, Marlena 

McCary, Tamica 
McClain, Cheryl 
McCloud, John 
McDonald, Shavette 
McGraw, Abdul 
McGraw, Idris 
McNeely, Garnet 
Meek, Jason 

Melton, Sheridan 
Metzger, Bruce 
Merriman, Julie 
Merriweather, Sharon 
Miller, Reginald 
Mitchell, Melita 
Montgomery, Aaron 
Moody, Wendy 

Moore, Amy 
Moore, Mary 
Moore, Michelle 
Moore, Sidney 
Morton, Rosalyn 
Mosley, Devin 
Murrell, Lavonne 
Myers, Daron 

Napier, Vicki 
Niehoff, Matthew 
Norris, Robert 
Odom, Pamela 
Odom, Tyrone 
Orr, Michelle 
Padgett, Jason 
Partlow, Aimee 

Pavlides, Erika 
Payton, Laura 
Pearson, Darnell 
Perry, Shirley 
Pettigrew, Beverly 

Pinkston, Kirk 
Pinner, Shawna 
Porter, Crystal 
Porter, Larrita 
Price, Anthony 

Price, Denise 
Pridemore, Tracy 
Pritchard, Paul 
Proctor, Sherie 
Rainey. Matthew 

Juniors/ 125 

Ray, Mark 

Reedua, Natasha 

Reynolds, Georgia 

Riley, Lavon 

Robinson, Jerry 

Rogers, Patricia 

Sanders, Andrea 

Sanders, Chad 

Sanders, William 

Schaefer, Brian 

Scott, Elizabeth 

Scott, Kendra 

Shadday, Angie 

Sinnott, Sean 

Skaggs, Jeff 

Sloan, Tatasha 

Smith, Andre 

Smith, Anthony 

Smith, Bobbie 

Smith, Christina 

Smith, Ernest 

Smith, Harold 

Smith, Katherine 

Smith, Lisa 

Smith, Murriel 
Smith, Renee 

Sommers, Amy 

Spargur, Kevin 
Steiner, Scott 

Stephan, Mark 

Stepp, Aaron 

Stewart, Charles 

Storm, Wendie 

Sutherland, Stephen 

Tackett, Angie 

Taylor, Marina 

Tennant, Kelly 

Thomas, Aidis 

Thomas, Michelle 

Thomas, Scott 

Tolin, Jennifer 

Trinkle, Keith 

Tucher, Mike 

Turner, Marinda 

Wagers. Bennie 

Wallace, Eugene 

Wallace, Stacy 

Watson, Sonya 

Watts, Brian 

Webb, Donald 

Weinke, James 

Weinke, Scott 

Whaley, Chris 

White, Shawn 

Williams, Alfonzo 

Williams, Michael 

Willis, Angela 

Willis, Felicia 

Wilson, Derrick 

Wilson, Mike 

Wilson, Shonna 

Winslow, Clare 

Woodard, Kristin 

Woodson, Demetrius 

Worth, Allen 

Wright, James 

Wright, Stephanie 

Vansell, David 

Vcrtner, Danielle 

Yancy, Crystal 

Young, Devan 

Young, Gayla 

I 26/ Juniors 














The death of Amy Weidner devastated 
her family, friends, and acquaintances at 
Howe High School this year. As a junior, 
she worked hard at school; Amy also 
worked hard at home being a mother to her 
two year old daughter, Emily. 

Amy was an honor student, a member of 
the band and a Mat Maid for the wrestling 

team. French class was a special interest for 
Amy; she became a member of the French 
Club and also tutored in the language. 

To show their deep felt loss, many friends 
and acquaintances contributed to a trust 
fund for Amy's surviving daughter. Amy 
will be remembered for all the time she took 
to help at school and home. 



Juniors/ 127 

Class of 1992 

Abner, Eric 

Ackelmire, Jennifer 

Ahmad, Malik 

Alexander, Kevin 

Alexander, Laura 

Alexander, Micah 

Anderson, Tamara 

Angel, Jeremy 

Anthony, Douglas 

Armour, Antonio 

Bahre, Jody 

Bailey, Robert 

Barnd, Dawn 

Batts, Bayyinah 

Beck, Amy 

Bibbs, Darvin 

Bingham, Stephanie 

Bishop, Elizabeth 

Blackburn, Stacy 

Bowen, Letania 

Bravard, Bridgett 

Britt, Angela 

Bronson, Cresencia 

Browning, Kimberley 

Bruce Glenna 

Buergelin, Toni 

Burgess, Beatreia 

Burmeister, William 

Buster, Christopher 

Butler, David 

Caldwell, James 

Carmer, Pamela 

Caster, Patrick 

Cecil, Richard 

Chambers, Felicia 

Chandler, Teresa 

Clemmons, DeWayne 

Cloud, Donald 

Clouse, Brian 

Clouse, Jason 

Clower, Treava 

Coffman, William 

Cole, Robert 

Collins, Gary 

Cooper, Lynnoila 

Costa, Sarah 

Crockett, Brian 

Crouch, Roselyn 

Cruce, April 

Culvahouse, Jon 

Curry, Lewis 

Dalton, April 


Davenport, Tosha 
Davis, Anitra 
Davis, Jennifer 
Davis, Tanya 
Deal, James 
Deem, Melissa 
Dellinger, Avery 
Denny, Brian 

Desai, Hari 
Doane, Sondra 
Douglas, Christine 
Downs, Christopher 
Drew, Christina 
Duncan, Yolanda 
Eads, Anna 
Edwards, Michelle 

Emmitt, Jeffery 
Evans, Christopher 
Falconer, Damon 
Felts, Kellie 
Ferguson, Charlynn 
Fields, Chereece 
Fields, Corinna 
Fitzgerald, Angie 

Fletcher, Rebecca 
Flynn, Cathy 
Ford, Michael 
Foster, Sylvester 
Gaines, Deborah 
Gaines, Shawn 
Gibson, Jamie 
Gibson, Sheila 

Opposite Page: Shawn Gaines brainstorms to write 

the perfect paper for his English class. 

Left: Nolan Porter imagines himself making a 

field goal in the halls of Howe. 

Above: Students gather at lockers to rap to friends 

before class begins. 

Sophomores/ 129 

Harmon, Denessa 

Harper, Jamoni 

Harris, Vincent 

Harrison, Donald 

Harvey, Darryl 

Harvey, Fredrick 

Hedrick, Stanley 

Hempel, William 

Hickrod, Marianne 

Hicks, Mary 

Hildebrandt, Robert 

Hilderbrand, Tina 

Hill, Anthony 

Hill, Natrina 

Hizer, Anthony 

Holt, Dave 

Hooker, Stephen 

Hopkins, Tyrone 

Hopson, James 

Hornback, Kevin 

Hoskins, Cynthia 

Huntsinger, Christa 

Hurst, Jerry 

Hyde, Kevin 

Above: Jenny (confused) Mosier, Mary (furious) 
Nicewanger, and Lisa (joyful) Monroe express their 
different attitudes toward typing. 


Lepper, Joseph 
Lewis, Charles 
Little Aretta 
Love, Nicole 
Love, Tammy 
Luna, Sondra 
Lyons, Samantha 
Lyttle, Amber 

Maier, Valerie 
Maggard, Sarah 
Majors, Tiffany 
Mansfield, Jason 
Mattingly, Joseph 
MeAtee, Derrick 
McClure, Daniel 
McFarland, Robert 

McGuire, Kim 
McLain, Leigh 
Mencer, Jason 
Mertz, Kimberly 
Miller, Richard 
Minor, Julie 
Mitchell, Bobbi 
Mitchell, Zedia 

Above: Beston Turner puts the finishing touches on an 
idea for the "90" Yearbook. 

Sophomores/ 131 

Payne, Aaron 

Payne, Angela 

Payton, Lachnwda 

Penman, Jeff 

Phillippo, Stephen 

Phillips, Stephanie 

Phillips, Fern 

Pinkston, Greg 

Pinner, Kisha 
Porter, David 
Porter, Nolan 
Proctor, Carl 
Prosser, Joseph 
Ratcliffe, Kacilia 
Ray, William 
Redmon, Jeff 

Reid, Lindell 

Rivers, Frankie 

Roof, Ana 

Sanders, Roxanne 

Saulsberry, Nicole 

Schilling, Charlene 

Schmidt, Jesse 

Schneider, David 

Schwier, Shannon 

Scott, Celeste 

Seeley, Corennia 

Sexton, Rebekah 

Shambaugh, Teresa 

Shanklin, Angela 

Shanks, Renee 

Sheckles, Andre 

Shephard, Jermel 

Slayback, Deanna 

Slayton, Brian 

Smith, Belinda 

Smith, Brian 

Smith, Garry 

Smith, Kelly 

Smith, Kietra 

Smith, Kristy 

Smith, Theresa 

Smock, Deanna 

Snider, Marco 

Snow, Shermika 
Sowders, Nicole 
Spears, Anthony 
Spencer, Charles 

Stanley, Brian 

Starr, Rebecca 

Steffey, Jill 

Stephens, Chris 


Opposite Page: Healthy habits bring Jennifer Davis 
healthy thoughts; using trivia card, she should have al 
the answers. 

Left: Leigh McClain gets academic advice from Mr. 

Tibbs, Leroy 
Trimble, Larry 
Trotter, Nicole 
Turner, Beston 
Turner, Jinikia 
Urich, Lisa 
Utley, Stacy- 
Valentine Deshonna 

Vanduyn, Dawn 
Wallace, Shelly 
Ward, Jenny 
Ware, Misty 
Washington, Byron 
Washington, Tracy 
Webb, Jessie 
Weidner, Taunya 

Wesley, James 
White, Paul 
Wickersham, Daryl 
Wigley, Julie 
Williams, Santana 
Williams, Sephanie 
Williams, Terrell 
Williams, Victoria 

Sophomores/ 133 

Wallace, Shelly 

White, Jeff 

Williams, Carolyn 

Williams, Yvonne 

Wills, Rhonda 

Wilson, Jerry 

Wilson, Marc 

Wilson, Randy 

Wilson, Tuan 

Wright, Brandy 

Wright, Steve 

Wise, Lisa 

Yeary, Dawn 

Young, Norvell 

Young, Takeysha 

Zinerman, Greg 

Top Left: Sophomore Jayna Green works with 
a junior, Rosemary Deal, in the senior-spon- 
sored play. 

Top Right: Sophomore Dana Poindexter 
watches the camera instead of the pep assem- 

fV ' f'f ¥ T T'Tf ' T f I I f T I I 

Left: Erika Pavlides, sophomore, waits patiently to see 

Above: Sophomores cheer to make themselves known. 

1 34/Sophomores 

Left: Many sophomores have 
the school spirit at the pep 

Sophomores/ 13f 

Class of 1993 

Adams, Latrice 

Adams, Nicke 

Adams, Tameika 

Adams, Tamika 

Adkins, Manda 

Alcorn, Jennifer 

Alexander, Ryan 

Allen, Stacy 

Anderson, Crystal 

Anderson, Felicia 

Anderson, Richard 

Anderson, Shameka 

Anderson. Timothy 

Anderson, William 

Ardizzone, Tony 

Atchley, Greg 

Austin, Corey 

Aycock, Ellen 

Bailey, Rosemary 

Baker, David 

Balfour, Emily 

Ballew, Robert 

Bane, Joyce 

Barnes, Ivan 

Barrett, Chelia 

Barton, Oliver 

Basey, Kenneth 

Baven, Maria 

Baxter, Erin 

Beasley, Juan 

Belcher, Pamela 

Benifield, Darlyce 

Benton, Jennifer 

Black, Teonca 

Blue, Ballow 

Bow, Melissa 

Bowen, Tamia 

Brackin, Angela 

Bragg, Darin 

Bragg, David 

Branch, James 

Brantley, Kateacha 

Bray, Juanita 

Brown, Christina 

Brown, Deonbrae 

Brown, Keith 

Brown, Roshanda 

Bryant, Damon 

Bryant, Shirley 

Buchanan, Kathleen 

Burke, Christy 

Burnett, Russell 

Burns, Lakisha 

Butler, Ginger 

Caldwell, Monica 

Campbell, Christopher 

Capps, Jennifer 

Carmichael, Sheryl 

Carpenter, Shawn 

Carr, John 

Carruthers, Latoya 

Carson, Jamie 

Carter, Thomas 

Cary, Laura 


Cary, Mandy 
Castaneda, Tara 
Catheart, Kelita 
Caulhan, Rhett 
Childress, Matt 
Chittenden, Landon 
Christian, Chris 
Clark, Michael 

Coats, Eldon 
Coffman, Sherry 
Coleman, Andre 
Collins, Charla 
Collins, Kim 
Collins, Marguer 
Collis, Sherry 
Comstock, Tammy 

Cook, Angela 
Coomer, Christina 
Cooper, Malinda 
Corman, James 
Cornelius, Jason 
Cornn, Poppy 
Couch, Tammy 
Cox, Matt 

Above: "Oh, no! What happened to the ball!" thinks 
Norman Ege during the freshman football game. 

Freshmen/ 137 

Below: Freshman Wendy Williams looks around to 
ask someone, "Am I supposed to eat this?" 

Right: Although Dorinda Mink shows no expression 

on her face, her shirt tells us how excited she is to be 

reading TOM SAWYER in Mr. Shelton's English 


Opposite Page: Local cowboy, Daryl Smith, does a 

little leatherwork in art class. 





Dunz, April 

Eha, Heather 

Elmore, Kevin 

Evans, Aaron 

Evans, Gene 

Evans, Jerome 

Falconer, Kris 

Finney, Darbyann 

Fisher, Michael 

Fodge, Charlie 

Foley, Constance 

Foor, Marcy 

Ford, James 

Foster, Michael 

French, Cindy 

Frierson, Fitima 

Fuqua, Eric 

Fullen, Mike 

Fultz, April 

Galyan, Kevin 

Gaton, Michael 

Gay, Vickie 

George, David 

Gibbs, Jason 

Golden, Lukeysha 

Goodnight, Carla 

Gray, Michael 

Gray, Michelle 

Green, Brandan 

Green, Kim 

Griffin, Kimara 

Guffcy, Michael 

Haney, Carl 

Harper, Hallie 

Harper, Jamoni 

Harris, Brenda 

Harris, Demond 

Harris, Paul 

Harvey, Frederick 

Harvey, Sajuan 

Hawkins, Chad 

Hayden, Jermaine 

Hayes, Michelle 

Hayex, Mike 

Head, Bridgett 

Headrick, Tammy 

Helton, Gary 

Henderson, Damita 


Hewlett, Jerry 
Hibbler, James 
Hickey, Christy 
Hicks, Tamara 
Hill, John 
Hobbs, Heather 
Hodges, JD 
Holland, Tiffany 

Hollandsworth, Doug 
Holliday, Michelle 
Hollon, Layla 
Howard, Earl 
Hughes, Kevin 
Humphrey, Angie 
Jackson, Joann 
James, Kevin 

Jenkins, Ricky 
Jenkins, Tamara 
Jenkins, Tonya 
Jennings, Afiya 
Jennings, Christy 
Jennings, Mia 
Jingles, Jimmie 
Johnson, Anthony 

Johnson, James 
Johnson, Kyle 
Johnson, Mikki 
Johnson, Timika 
Johnston, Bonnie 
Jones, Dana 
Jones, Jeanette 
Jones Jerrita 

Jones, Karec 
Jones, Letia 
Jones, Lisa 
Jones, Mary 
Jones, Paulette 
Kelley, April 
Kendall, Thomas 
Keyes, Linda 

Kiefner, Amanda 
King, Rachel 
King, Wray 
Kizzee, Beth 
Knight, Chris 
Knox, Ricky 
Koontz, Jerilyn 
Lakin, Antonio 

Lamar, Shamica 
Lawmaster, Bradley 
Lawmaster, Rhett 

Lawrence, Robin 
Lawson, Amy 
Lee, Amy 

Lefeber, Albert 
Lewis, John 
Linville, Paul 

Freshmen/ 139 

Lockhart, Heather 

Love, Tomika 

Lyons, Randy 

Mahin, Eric 

Mains, Crystal 

Manns, Tammico 

Marcum, Brian 

Mason, Damon 

Mathis, David 

Maxie, Guan 

McBride, Chad 

McClendon, Michael 

McCoy, Blake 

McCoy, Tony 

McDonald, Lawrence 

McKinstry, Tosha 

McNeil, Melvin 

Merriweather, Mia 

Mink, Angela 

Mitchell, Ladina 

Moore, Shawn 

Morgan, Gina 

Morgan, Thomas 

Morris, Brian 

Morrow, Angela 

Mosley, Rondu 

Moss, Erica 

Muns, Regina 

Musgrave, Amy 

Nash, Amy 

Naugle, Mike 

Neff, Jennifer 

Newman, Lisa 
Nichols, Kalvin 

Nickens, Brian 

Nicoson, Alisa 
Niehoff, Walter 

Niemann, Paul 

Norman, Bobby 

Northington, Eleanor 

1 40/ Freshmen 

Opposite Page: A daydreaming Laronne Denny fools 
everyone with his pen-to-the-paper posture. 

Left: Freshman Aaron Evans mysteriously finds him- 
self working hard in Mr. Shelton's English class. Don't 
worry, Aaron, you have three more years to get over 

Petty, Michael 
Phillips, Anthony 
Phillips, Brandy 
Phillips, Daphne 
Phillips, Hope 
Polston, Gabriel 
Potts, Jasmine 
Pressler, Jennifer 

Price, Tanika 
Pritchard, Ryan 
Pugh, Sacha 
Delaney, Lisa 
Puckett, John 
Quiett, Amy 
Ragle, Kristen 
Randle, Cory 

Randolph, Donte 
Randolph, Eric 
Raymer. Branden 
Reed, Michelle 
Reno, Danel 
Rhodes, Taffi 
Richards. Robert 
Richardson, Heather 

Freshmen/ 141 

Richey, Jerry 

Roberts, Bruce 

Roberts, Lakiesha 

Roberts, Sherry 

Roberts, Tyniesha 

Robertson, Rachel 

Robinson, Rachel 

Robinson, Courtney 

Rogers, James 

Roland, Marc 

Romine, Misty 

Rothwell, Jennifer 

Rowser, Laciana 

Russell, Matt 

Russo, Jason 

Rutherford, William 

Sanders, Dawn 

Schaefer, Stefanie 

Schell, Steven 

Settles, Corey 

Sharpe, Jennifer 

Shearer, Larry 

Siebers, Poppe 

Simpson. James 

Smith, Daryl 

Smith, Erick 

Smith, Larry 

Smith, Shanett 

Smith, Sylvia 

Smith, Theresa 

Smith, Tonya 

Snow, Shermika 

Snyder, David 

Sommers, Heather 

Sparks, Jason 

Spencer, Tiffany 

Spittler, Neely 

Spitzer, Laura 

Staples, Kevin 

Stamps, Jeannie 

Steele, Janette 

Steele, Jennifer 

Steffey, Jennifer 

Stewart, Lydia 

Stogsdill, Kellie 

Sugimura, Duane 

Street, Veronica 

Sulzberger, Amy 

Talley, Leah 

Tandy, Kisha 

Taylor, Alicia 

Taylor, Darnell 

Terry, Melissa 

Theodorou, Ioannis 

Thompson, Julie 

Thorpe, Phillip 

Thurman, Bobbi 

Toon, Dale 

Trotter, Amanda 

Turner, George 

Turner, Leo 

Turnipseed, Tisha 

Tylicki, Chris 

Uhls, Tracy 

Umsteadt, Kimberly 

Urban, Chris 

Vanlanot, Richard 

Vaughn, Anthony 

Wallace, William 

Walker, Kristopher 

Walters, Shannon 

Walton, Dawnell 

Ward, Candie 


«\bove: Thinking, writing, editing, Melissa Terry strives for the perfect 
Height: This freshman does not seem lost. She seems to know exactly 
where her classes are. 

Ware, Stephen 
Washington, Kristeen 
Watkins, Edward 
Watkins, Gregory 
Watkins, Kirk 
Watt, Maya 
Weaver, Amber 
Weddle, Rhonda 

Wells, Christine 
West, Stephanie 
Wethington, Silena 
White, Shawna 
Whittemore, Allison 
Whobrey, Trixie 
Wickersham, Michael 
Wiker, Barney 

Williams, Anthony 
Williams, Carrie 
Williams, Cody 
Williams, Mary 
Williams, Wendy 
Wills, Chris 
Windon, Willie 
Witt, Mike 

Woodard, Amy 
Woodard, Andrew 
Wotring, Angel 
Wright, Adam 
Yates, Anthony 
Yates, Malinda 
Youell. Mark 
Young, Suzanne 

Young, Vanessa 
Zaphiriou, Joanna 



Bruce Beck 

Madora Walker 

Beatrice Adams 

Patricia Aman 

Mattie Ballow 

Mary Bancroft 

Deborah Bareford 

Douglas Bateman 

Richard Beck 

Margaret Benson 

Wayne Booker 

Ann Boynton 

Robert Bramblett 

Michael Bryant 

William Buckley 

Sharon Budd 

Deanna Byrd 

Theresa Calhan 

Treva Carroll 

Audrey Corne 

Burnel Coulon 

Mary DeWitz 

Martha Diggle 

Dale Dinkens 

Warren Dressier 


Venkatachalapa Ellur 
Curt Ervin 
John Ervin 
Ron Finkbiner 
Johnnie Floyd 

Susan Fluty 
Christine Francis 
Carolyn Freeman 
Patricia Friedly 
Rita Gaither 

Karen Glover 
Art Gonzolez 
Jayne Granger 
Phillip Greenwood 
R. Griffey 

Debby Hardy 
Irvin Haas 
Edward Hesse 
Lowell Hoster 
Robert Huggins 

Barbara Jones 
Gloria Jones 
Evelyn Keaton 
James Roman 
Shirley Lee 

Jo Anna Leffler 
Thomas Lewis 
Leone Little 
Frank Loll 
James Lynch 

Staff/ 145 

John Macksey 
Robert Malone 

Vicki Martich 
Charles McGinley 
Jennifer McNally 

Panny McNeish 

Leone McPherson 

Linda Milburn 

Juanita Morgan 

Johnny Norfleet 

Yvonne Perry 

Sandra Petty 

Charles Pirtle 

Alice Purvis 

Nancy Ratner 

Thomas Renie 

Bonnie Rice 

Martin Sam 

Paul Sanders 

Lola Sargent 

Cindy Schick 

Nancy Scott 

Joseph Semon 

Bruce Shadiow 

Felecia Shelby 

Greg Shelton 

Dan Shepherd 

Jatinder Singh 

John Skene 

David Smartz 


Shirley Smith 
William Smith 
Robert Spaulding 
Errol Spears 
Dan Stanley 

David Stewart 
Doyne Swinford 
Steve Taflinger 
Phyllis Thomas 
Frances Valentine 

Stells Vandivier 
Joe Vespo 
Joe Vollmer 
Roxy Watson 
Wayne Wellington 

Lynn Whittamore 
John Wiggins 
Mary Wills 
Sandra Wiseman 
Betty Woods 

Janet Woods 
James Yarber 
Arretia Young 

Staff/ 147 

Above: Since the clocks have been out of order this year, 
Mr. Patrick finds it necessary to check his watch for the 
correct time. 

Left: Mr. Page checks the sports schedule for his extra- 
curricular activity. 

Below: Keeping up with the news is helpful to a teacher; 
Mr. Dressier reads the newspaper in the library so he can 
keep current with events related to his subject matter. 


at Work 

Staff/ 149 


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth. 

Then took the other as just as fair, 
And having perhaps the better claim, 
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 
Though as for that, the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same. 

And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no steps had trodden black. 
Oh, I kept the first for another day. 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - 

I took the one less traveled by, 

And that has made all the difference. 

— Robert Frost 








'. \ 




Abner, Eric 60, 128 
Ackelmire, Jennifer 72, 73, 

103, 128 
Adams, Albert 11,46, 58, 59, 

Adams, Beatrice 144 
Adams, Nicke 136 
Adams, Tameika 136 
Adams, Tamika 136 
Adkins, Manda 79, 137 
Ahmad, Malik 76, 128 
Alcorn, Jennifer 24, 25, 136 
Alexander, Brenda 51 
Alexander, James 68, 69 
Alexander, Kevin 128 
Alexander, Laura 81, 128 
Alexander, Micah 128 
Alexander, Ryan 136 
Allen, Stacy 55, 136 
Allen, Thomas 86, 88, 89 
Alstott, Shannon 110 
Alsum, LaQuita 65, 67, 85, 

107, 121, 122 
Aman, Patricia 144 
Amonette, Jennifer 110 
Anderson, Crystal 136 
Anderson, Edna 128 
Anderson, Felicia 136 
Anderson, Kevin 121, 122 
Anderson, Kim 122 
Anderson, Randy 15, 69 
Anderson, Richard 136 
Anderson, Shameka 136 
Anderson, Tamara 128 
Anderson, Timothy 78, 94, 136 
Anderson, William 136 
Angel, Jeremy 128 
Angel, LaShauna 46, 121 
Anthony, Douglas 128 
Ardizzone, Christopher A. 78, 

Armour, Antonio 48, 128 
Armour, Connie 122 
Armstrong, Stacie 103, 122 
Arnett, Susan 37, 137 
Arnold, Keiona 122 
Atchley, Greg 136 
Atchley, Mark 69, 76, 122 
Atnip, Robin 122 
Austin, Corey 136 
Austin, Donald 23 
Aycock, Ellen 136 
Bahre, Jody 93, 128 
Bailey, Robert 128, 136 
Bailey, Rosemary 54, 55, 136 
Baker, David 136 
Balfour, Emily 136 
Ball, Lula67, 121, 122 
Ball, Michelle 121 
Ballew, Danial 136 
Ballew, Robert 4$ 94, 136 
Ballow, Mattie 144 
Bancroft, Mary 144 
Bane, Joyce 136 
Bareford, Deborah 144 
Barlow, Robin 110 
Barnd, Dawn 128 
Barnes, Ivan 136 
Barton, Oliver 78, 94, 136 

Basey, Kenneth 136 
Bateman, Darian 122 
Batemen, Douglas 144 
Batts, Bayyinah 128, 131 
Baven, Maria 136 
Baxter, Erin 79, 136 
Boynton, Ann 144 
Beavers, Edith 107 
Beck, Amy 46, 79, 128 
Beck, Bruce 144 
Beck, Hannah 17 
Beck, Richard 144 
Beckley, Kristen 51, 122 
Beech, Peggy 110 
Belcher, Pamela 136 
Benifield, Darlyce 136 
Bennett, Rachel 110 
Bennington, Rhonda 122 
Benson, Margaret 144 
Benton, Jennifer 20, 24, 25, 44, 

Benton, Melissa 18, 46, 122 
Berry, Robert 149 
Berry, Stephen 76, 110 
Berwanger, Kimberly 72, 100, 

101, 103, 110, 114, 121 
Bibbs, Darvin 128 
Biddle, Christy 79, 122 
Bingham, Stephanie 128 
Bishop, Elizabeth 128 
Bishop, Tawana 47 
Black, Shalonda 122 
Black, Teonca 1 36 
Blackburn, Stacy 128 
Board, Shonice 122 
Boardman, Kristina 110 
Booker, Anthony 76, 88, 89, 

Booker, Wayne 144 
Bow, Melissa 54, 79, 136 
Bowen, Latania 128 
Bowen, Tamia 136 
Bowman, Rhonda 45, 72, 110 
Boyd, Michelle 122 
Boyd, Willie 110 
Boynton, Ann 144 
Brackin, Angela 136 
Brackin, Penny 122 
Bradberry, Nicol 100, 110 
Bradford, Contessa 54, 55, 122 
Bragg, Darin 136 
Bragg, David 136 
Bramblett, Joseph 6, 45, 48, 

Bramblett, Robert 144 
Branch, James 136 
Brandon, Jeff 91 
Brantley, Kateacha 136 
Brattain, Michael 10 
Bravard, Bridgett 128 
Bray, Juanita 58, 136 
Britt, Angela 128 
Britt, Matthew 44, 76, 110 
Bronson, Cresencia 128 
Brooks, Lawanda 122 
Brown, Christina 136 
Brown, Deonbrae 54, 94, 136 
Brown, Jainean 1 10 
Brown, Jennifer 1 10 

Brown, Keith 136 
Brown, Larry 149 
Brown, Nicole 45, 65, 67, 85, 

Brown, Roshanda 136 
Brown, Tracy 45, 122 
Brown, Vernon 91, 122 
Browning, Kimberly 128 
Bruce, Glenna 128 
Bruce, Keith 74, 80, 110 
Brummett, Elvis 122 
Brunke, Robert 46, 69, 122 
Bruveris, Allison 83, 110 
Bryant, Damon 54, 55, 136 
Bryant, Dawnella 110 
Bryant, Michael 144 
Bryant, Shirley 136 
Buchanan, Kathleen 103, 136 
Buckley, William 144 
Buckner, Galen 76, 110 
Budd, Sharon 144 
Buergelin, Toni 128 
Bullens, Bonnie 37, 46, 60, 71, 

Bullock, Angela 110 
Bundy, Jason 72, 80, 121, 122 
Burgess, Beatreia 54, 128 
Burgess, Brian 55, 122 
Burgess, William 122 
Burhannon, Sedia 107 
Burke, Christy 136 
Burmeister, William 46, 54, 

56, 121, 128 
Burnett, Russell 55, 136 
Burns, Lakisha 136 
Burns, Rodney 45, 76, 88, 110 
Burris, Chad 48, 110 
Burris, Jeremy 18, 19, 69, 122 
Burris, Rachel 122 
Burton, John 59, 122 
Buster, Christopher 128 
Butler, David 128 
Butler, Ginger 136 
Butterfield, Christopher 110 
Byrd, Deanna 144 
Byrd, Jessica 47, 60, 61, 111 
Caldwell, James 128 
Caldwell, Monica 136 
Calhan, Theresa 144 
Campbell, Christopher 136 
Campbell, Martti 1 1 1 
Cantrell, Christy 103, 105, 159 
Capps, Jennifer 79, 136 
Carleton, Toby 122 
Carlyle, David 10, 91, 122 
Carmer, Pamela 128 
Carmictiael, Sheryl 136 
Carpenter, Shawn 136 
Carr, Margo 122 
Carroll, Treva 144 
Carruthers, Latoya 58, 92, 93, 

Carson, Jamie 136 
Carter, Melissa 122 
Carter, Shlon 122 
Carter, Thomas 78, 136 
Cary, Laura 136 
Cary, Mandy 137 
Castaneda, Tara 51, 137 

Caster, Patrick 128 
Caster, William 122 
Cathcart, Kelita 137 
Caudill, Tina 122 
Cecil, Richard 128 
Chambers, Andrew 1 1 1 
Chambers, Felicia 128 
Chandler, Teresa 128 
Childress, Matthew 137 
Childs, Rose 29, 51,64, 71, 122 
Chittenden, Landon 78, 137 
Christian, Christopher 48, 78, 

Clark, Michael 91, 137 
Clegg, Kathleen 1 1 1 
Clemmons, Dewayne 128 
Cline, Richard 30, 45, 122 
Cloud, Donald 128 
Clouse, Brian 128 
Clouse, Jason 128 
Clouse, Jason 111. 159 
Clower, Treava 48, 51, 128 
Coates, Christopher 122 
Coates, Eldon 137 
Cobb, Katherine 100, 102, 103, 

122, 159 
Coffman, Sherry 54, 55, 137 
Coffman, William 128 
Cole, Bridgett 55 
Cole, John 1 1 1 
Cole, Robert 128 
Cole, Yolonda 54, 58, 79, 92, 

Coleman, Andre 137 
Coleman, Tiffiany 67, 122 
Collins, Charla 105, 137 
Collins, Deidra 65, 85, 107, 122 
Collins, Gary 128 
Collins, Kimberly 137 
Collins, Marguerite 137 
Collis, Sherry 137 
Combs, Curtis 1 1 1 
Comstock, Tammy 137 
Conley, Darrick 1 1 1 
Conrad, Keith 122 
Cook, Amy 48, 60, 83, 122 
Cook, Angela 137 
Coomer, Christina 103, 137 
Coomer, James 76, 111 
Cooper, Kesha 54, 55, 58 
Cooper, Lynnoila 128 
Cooper, Malinda 137 
Corman, James 137 
Corne, Audrey 144 
Cornelius, Jason 137 
Cornn, Poppy 137 
Costa, Sarah 128 
Cotterman, Liza 122 
Couch, Tammy 137 
Coulon, Burnel 144 
Cox, Bradley 1 1 1 
Cox, Jason 28, 46,48, 51, 122 
Cox, Matthew 137 
Cox, Rhonda 122 
Coyle, Kristi 122, 159 
Crockett, Brian 46, 128 
Cross, Kimberly 92, 93 
Crouch, Roselyn 128 
Cruce, April 128 

Crutchfield, Rutha 122 
Cruz, Eleuteria 43, 72, 121 
Cruz, Rita 72, 111 
Culvahouse, Jon 128 
Cunningham, Carrie 60 
Cunningham, Michael 122 
Currin, Russell 111 
Curry, Lewis 57, 59, 128 
Dalton, April 128 
Dammeyer, Ryan 80, 137 
Daniels, Leah 67, 111 
Davenport, Carmen 111, 121 
Davenport, Tosha 129 
Davey, Jason 69, 122 
Davidson, April 51, 58, 137 
Davidson, Clifton 7, 46, 76, 1 1 
Davis, Anitra 129 
Davis, Francita 1 1 1 
Davis, Gwendolyn 122 
Davis, Jenny 137 
Davis, Jennifer 100, 129 
Davis, Lisa 137 
Davis, Regina 93, 122 
Davis, Ross 78, 137 
Davis, Sebastian 1 1 1 
Davis, Tanya 129 
Davis, Tonya 47, 111 
Davis, Toya 137 
Deal, James 7, 55, 70, 121, 12 

Deal, Rosemary 45, 46, 48, 

118, 122, 134 
Dean, Anna 79, 137 
Dean, Tamika 85, 137 
Deem, Melissa 46, 48, 72, 79, 

Deeter, Elizabeth 45, 46 
Deeter, Gary 44, 45, 46, 112 
Delk, Jennifer 54, 56, 137 
Denny, Brian 129 
Denny, Laronne 137 
Denny, Ronnie 112 
Desai, Hari 129 
DeWitz, Mary 144 
Digbie, Serita 137 
Diggle, Martha 144 
Dillinger, Avery 46, 121 
Dinkins, Atallie 58, 137 
Dinkens, Dale 144 
Doane, Sondra 129 
Donaldson, Andre 88, 123 
Douglas, Christine 129 
Downs, Christopher 129 
Downs, Lashonda 51, 123 
Dressier, Warren 144 
Drew, Christina 48, 129 
Dubeansky, Joseph 137 
Duerson, Donald 137 
Duncan, Angela 54, 55, 137 
Duncan, Christopher 44, 112 
Duncan, Yolanda 129 
Dunz, April 138 
Dwigans, Michael 91 
Eads, Anna 129 
Eads, Christopher 123 
Edwards, Michelle 129 
Ege, Norman 78, 137 
Ehlers, Brian 10 
Ellur, Venkatachalapa 144 


Elmore, Kevin 138 

;Emmitt, Jeffery 129 

Ena, Heather 138 
JEnz, Anita 46, 48, 123 
lErvin, Curt 144 
|,Ervin, John 144 

lEvans, Aaron 138 
nlEvans, Benjamin 123 

Evans, Christopher 129 

Evans, Jerome 138 

Evans, Tracey 123 
■Ewell, Angie 1 1 2 
JiFalconer, Damon 129 

Farmer, April 123 

Faryna, Stacey 79, 112 
JjFelts, Kellie 129 
[jFerguson, Charla 123 
' Ferguson, Charlynn 129 
I Fields, Chereece 129 
J Fields, Corinna 129 

IFinkbiner, Ron 144 

|Finney, Darbyann 19, 54, 55, 

: 138 

Fisher, Kristine 1 12 

Fisher, Michael 138 

[Fitzgerald, Angie 105, 129 

Fitzgerald, Shannon 81, 112 

JFlanigan, Sherry 112 
■ t|Fletcher, Rebecca 129 

Fletcher, Tryphena 123 
, Floyd, Johnnie 144 

Fluty, Susan 144 

Flynn, Cathy 51, 129 

Fodge, Charles 138 
\ Foley, Constance 54, 55. 138 

Foor, Roberta 44, 112 

Foor, Marcy 138 
1 Ford, James 138 

Ford, Michael 129 

Foster, Christopher 123 

Foster, Sylvester 129 

Foster, Michael 138 

Francis, Christine 144 

Freeman, Carolyn 144 

Freitag, Thomas 6, 59, 83, 112 

French, Cindy 138 

Friddle, Deborah 47, 112 

Friedly, Patricia 144 

Frierson, Fitima 138 

Frye, Cherie 123 

Fultz, April 138 

Fuqua, Eric 59,94, 138 

Furnish, Theresa 123 

iGaines, Deborah 129 

|Gaines, Shawn 129 

JGaither, Rita 145 

Galyan, Kevin 28, 138 

Galyan, Shelley 112 
)' Gardner, Geraldine 123 
!i; iGaton, Michael 138 

; Gay, Vickie 138 

i George, Jody 46 

George, David 138 

Gibbs, Jason 59, 138 

jGibson, Jamie 129 

iGibson, Sheila 103 

Gilbert, Teresa 46, 47, 112 

iGill, Christopher 54 
:J Gillespie, John 10, 123 

Glover, Karen 145 
Golden, Lukeysha 58, 59, 138 
Goldsmith, Rosemary 123 
Gonzales, Art 145 
Goodnight, Carla 48, 138 
Goodnight, William 123 
Gordon, Julius 123 
Gough, Keith 112 
Graff, James 123 
Graham, Monica 58, 123 
Graham, Tonda 1 12 
Granger, Jayne 145 
Graves, Jacqueline 112 
Gray, Michael 138 
Gray, Michele 48, 103, 138 
Gray, William 129 
Green, Jayna 118, 129, 134 
Green, Kristian 25, 44, 123 
Green, Kimberly 138 
Green, Tassawa 123 
Greene, Brendan 59, 138 
Greenwood, Phillip 145 
Gregory, Adam 76, 123 
Gregory, Eric 123 
Gregory, Michael 54, 55, 112 
Gregory, William 54, 55 
Griffey, R. 145 
Griffin, Derrick 
Griffin, Kenyada 123 
Griffin, Kimara 105, 106, 138 
Griffin, Michelle 138 
Griffo, Heather 129 
Grisby, Victor 76, 112 
Guffey, Melinda 129 
Guffey, Michael 138 
Gut, David 80, 123 
Haas, Irvin 145 
Hale, William 129 
Hall, Chelsi 123 
Hall, Kim 129 
Hall, Lewis 149 
Halliburton, Darlene 138 
Hamilton, John 76, 129 
Hammond, Kevin 129 
Hampton, Christopher 9 
Haney, Carl 138 
Hanna, Deborah 123 
Hardin, Lisa 123 
Hardin, Melinda 112 
Hardin, Wes 112 
Hardy, Debby 145 
Hardy, Jennifer 26, 27, 40, 

101, 102, 103, 112, 159 
Harmon, Denessa 51, 130 
Harper, Dale 26 
Harper, Hallie 138 
Harper, Jamoni 54, 130 
Harper, Milissa 112, 121 
Harrell, Richard 18, 45, 80, 

Harris, Brenda 138 
Harris, Clayton 1 13 
Harris, Demond 138 
Harris, Paul 78, 138 
Harris, Vincent 130 
Harrison, Donald 130 
Hart, Rona 1 1 3 
Harvey, Darryl 76, 91, 130 
Harvey, Fred 54, 78, 138 

Harvey, Frederick 138 
Harvey, Lamont 54 
Harvey, Rebecca 123 
Harvey, Sajuan 58,85, 138 
Harvey, Shannon 67, 113 
Hatton, Jeniky 48, 123 
Hawkins, Chad 138 
Hayden, Jermaine 138 
Hayes, Michael 138 
Hayes, Michelle 138 
Head, Bridgett 54, 138 
Head, Yolanda 54 
Headrick, Tammy 138 
Hedrick, Stanley 130 
Helton, Gary 138 
Hempel, William 130 
Henderson, Damita 138 
Herald, Rosemarie 47, 113 
Hesse, Edward 145 
Hewlett, April 100, 113 
Hewlett, Jerry 138, 139 
Hibbler, James 78, 91, 139 
Hickey, Christy 139 
Hickman, Elizabeth 44, 113 
Hickrod, Marianne 40, 121, 

130, 159 
Hicks, Edward 76, 94, 95, 113 
Hicks, Mary 48, 100, 103, 130 
Hicks, Shane 113 
Hicks, Tamara 79, 93, 139 
Hilderbrand, Tina 130 
Hildebrandt, Robert 130 
Hill, Anthony 130 
Hill, John 139 
Hill, Natrina 106, 130 
Hines, Ervin 123 
Hiser, Joanna 123 
Hizer, Anthony 130 
Hobbs, Heather 19, 51, 105, 

118, 139 
Hodges, JD 139 
Hogue, Troy 76, 113 
Holland, Tiffany 58, 139 
Hollandsworth, Douglas 139 
Holliday, Michelle 139 
Hollon, Layla 1 39 
Holmes, Noel 38, 124 
Holt, David 69, 130 
Hooker, Stephen 1 30 
Hopkins, Kenneth 124 
Hopkins, Tyrone 124, 130 
Hopson, James 130 
Hopson, Michael 130 
Hornback, Kevin 69, 130 
Horswill, Crystal 124 
Hoskins, Cynthia 54, 55, 130 
Hoster, Lowell 145 
Howard, Bertina 1 13 
Howard, Earl 139 
Huckleby, Shawn 113 
Hucks, Amy 31, 45, 100, 118, 

Huddleston, Dana 48, 124 
Hudson, Everett 124 
Hudson, Kavin 124 
Huggins, Robert 145 
Huggins, Terrance 124 
Hughes, Kevin 139 
Hughes, Michael 114 

Hughey, Robert 124 
Humpheries, Melisa 45, 48, 124 
Humphrey, Angie 139 
Hunter, Brad 26, 76 
Huntsinger, Christa 46, 106, 

121, 130 
Hums, Kimberly 124 
Hurst, Jerry 69, 130 
Hurt, Gregory 113 
Hyde, Kevin 130 
Ireland, Jessica 55, 130 
Irland, Ron 149 
Irvin, Christopher 80, 124 
Irvin, Craig 130 
Ishman, Lee 124 
Jackson, Joann 139 
Jackson, Melissa 14, 46, 130 
Jackson, Vickie 130 
Jagoe, Tonya 113 
James, Kevin 139 
Jenkins, Raynette 47, 113 
Jenkins, Ricky 139 
Jenkins, Tamara 139 
Jenkins, Tonja 139 
Jennings, Afiya 139 
Jennings, Christy 24, 139 
Jennings, Mia 139 
Jewell, Kimberly 124 
Jingles, Jimmie 139 
Johnson, Anthony 78, 91, 139 
Johnson, Anthony D. 55, 91, 

Johnston, Bonnie 139 
Johnson, Charles 2 
Johnson, Emma 54, 130 
Johnson, James 139 
Johnson, Joshua 130 
Johnson, Kali 79 
Johnson, Kyle 139 
Johnson, Lisa 47, 159 
Johnson, Michael 130 
Johnson, Michael R. 45, 46, 70, 

Johnson, Timika 139 
Johnson, Tony 54, 55 
Jones, Barbara 145 
Jones, Christopher 113 
Jones, Cora 107, 124 
Jones, Dana 139 
Jones, Derrick 91, 130 
Jones, Elvis 1 13 
Jones, Gloria 145 
Jones, Jeanette 139 
Jones, Jerrita 45, 105, 106, 139 
Jones, Karec 45, 139 
Jones, Kelly 103, 104, 106, 130 
Jones, Leita 139 
Jones, Lisa 139 
Jones, Mary 139 
Jones, Paulette 139 
Jones, Robert 130 
Judd, Mark 113, 121 
Kamara, Copelan 130 
Keaton, Evelyn 145 
Keefe, John 54 
Kehoe, Melissa 113 
Keller, John 1 24 
Kelley, April 139 
Kendall, Thomas 139 

Kendrick, Tamara 16, 124 
Kendrick, Tamica 124 
Keyes, Linda 139 
Kidwell, Charity 130 
Kiefner, Amanda 83, 86, 92, 

93, 139 
Killebrew, Robin 124 
Kimbrough, Gwendolyn 130 
King, Rachel 79, 139 
King, Wray 139 
Kinney, Dale 124 
Kizzee, Beth 1 39 
Klutey, Stephanie 113 
Knapp, Larry 48, 113, 121 
Knight, Christopher 139 
Knight, Gerald 91, 130 
Knowles, Jerry 47, 48, 82, 119, 

Knox, Ricky 139 
Koman, James 145 
Koontz, Jerilyn 139 
Kord, Tracy 40, 48, 121, 124, 

Kosegi, Tessa 124, 159 
Kult, Tracy 105, 124 
Lacy, Lolena 124 
Lakin, Antonio 139 
Lamar, Jermaine 124 
Lamar, Shamica 139 
Lampkins, Lemar 7, 57, 124 
Landers, Angela 51, 124 
Landers, Frederick 130 
Landers, Laurie 130 
Lane, Andrew 15, 45, 70, 80, 

Lang, Christina 130 
Langley, James 46, 61, 124 
Lanning, Scott 130 
Lashley, Katherine 107, 124 
Lawmaster, Bradley 139 
Lawmaster, Rhett 48, 54, 55, 

Lawrence, Jeffery 4, 125 
Lawrence, Robin 3, 137, 139 
Lawson, Amy 139 
Lee, Amy 48, 121, 139 
Lee, Shaneca 45, 65, 67, 85, 

Lee, Shirley 145 
Lefeberjr, Albert 139 
Leffler, Joanna 145 
Lemasters, Joel 130 
Lepper, Joseph 131 
Leslie, Michell 41, 111 
Lewis, Charles 46, 131 
Lewis, Gale 37, 113 
Lewis, John 139 
Lewis, Thomas 145 
Ligon, Brian 94 
Linville, Paul 54, 55, 59, 118, 

Little, Aretta 131 
Little, Leone 145 
Lockhart, Heather 140 
Logan, Brant 125 
Long, Lisa 113 
Loll, Frank 145 
Love, Francis 44 
Love, Nicole 131 


Love, Tammy 131 
Love, Tomika 140 
Lovins, Paula 113 
Luna, Sandra 131 
Lundgren, Jonas 37, 75, 82, 

114, 121 
Lynch, James 145 
Lyons, Randy 140 
Lyons, Samatha 131, 135 
Lyttle, Amber 1 3 1 
Maciotok, Tracie 100, 103, 125 
Mackey, John 146 
Maggard, Sarah 131 
Maher, Jennifer 46, 48, 125 
Mahin, Eric 78, 140 
Maier, Valerie 131 
Mains, Crystal 140 
Majors, Tiffany 54, 55, 131 
Malone, Jacintha 46, 48, 125 
Malone, Joyce 46, 48, 125 
Malone, Robert 146 
Mann, Robert 88, 89 
Manns, Tammico 140 
Mansfield, Jason 131 
Maples, Regina 114, 117 
Marcom, Jason 114 
Marcum, Brian 94, 140 
Marshall, Toni 37 
Martin, Crystal 114 
Martin, Jason 80, 114 
Martin, Kowalski 15 
Martin, Michael D. 94, 125 
Martin, Michael 59, 76, 114 
Martin, Tonya 125 
Martich, Vicki 146 
Mason, Damon 140 
Mason, Nicole 17, 125 
Massey, Cathy 1 14 
Mathis, David 78, 91, 140 
Mattingly, Joseph 131 
Maxey, Michelle 124, 125 
Maxie, Guan 140 
Maynard, George 11, 48 
Mays, Heather 10, 51, 125 
McAtee, Derrick 91, 131 
McBride, Chad 47, 140 
McBurnie, Robert 29, 44, 45, 

46,48, 118, 119, 125 
McCants, Marlena 125 
McCary, Tamica 47, 125 
McClain, Cheryl 125 
McClara, William 59, 114 
McClendon, Michael 140 
McCloud, John 84, 125 
McClure, Daniel 131 
McCoy, Blakie 140 
McCoy, Tony 140 
McCullough, Michelle 47 
McDonald, Lawrence 94, 140 
McDonald, Shavette 125 
McFarland, Robert 131 
McGinley, Charles 146 
McGinnis, Rewa 45, 75, 114 
McGraw, Abdul 57, 78 
McGraw, Idris 125 
McKinstry, Tosha 140 
McLain, Leigh 131 
McNally, Jennifer 146 
McNeal, Melvin 140 

McNeal, Yolands 114 
McNeely, Garnet 46, 48, 125 
McNeish, Penny 146 
McPherson, Leone 146 
Meek, Jason 4, 27, 64, 125 
Melton, John 75, 76, 114 
Melton, Sheridan 10, 48, 76, 

121, 125 
Mencer, Jason 35, 131 
Mendoza, Stephanie 37, 64, 65, 

67, 85, 92 
Merriman, Julie 46, 64, 71, 

102, 103, 125 
Merriweather, Mia 54, 55, 140 
Merriweather, Sharon 103, 

Mertz, Kimberly 51, 131, 135 
Messenger, Timothy 30, 69, 

111, 114 
Milburn, Linda 146 
Miles, Waymon 48, 114 
Miller, Andre 114 
Miller, James 76, 114 
Miller, Matthew 140 
Miller, Reginald 125 
Mills, Michael 37 
Mink, Angela 140 
Minks, Dorinda 138 
Minor, Julie 130, 131 
Mitchell, Bobbi 140 
Mitchell, Melita 125 
Mitchell, Zedia 131 
Moenius, John 69, 114 
Molina, Antonio 30, 114, 121 
Monroe, Lisa 60, 61, 104, 106, 

Montgomery, Aaron 8, 10, 125 
Moody, David 69, 131 
Moody, Wendy 125 
Moore, Amy 72, 79, 103, 125, 

Moore, Juan 54, 74, 84, 94, 131 
Moore, Marcus 69, 76, 114 
Moore, Michelle 35, 79, 92, 125 
Moore, Shawn 80, 94, 140 
Moore, Sidney 46, 100, 102, 

103, 125 

Moore, Tracie 114, 121 
Moran, Scott 131 
Morgan, Gina 47, 140 
Morgan, Lynn 48 
Morgan, Juanita 146 
Morgan, Thomas 140 
Morris, Brian 140 
Morrow, Angela 140 
Morton, Dion 131 
Morton, Rosalyn 125 
Mosier, Jennifer 103, 131 
Mosley, Randy 140 
Moss, Erica 140 
Mullins, Yolanda48, 131 
Muns, Regina 140 
Murdick, Heather 131 
Murrell, Lavonne 100, 125 
Musgrave, Amy 140 
Myers, Daron 76, 125 
Myers, Mindy 131 
Myers, Tara 48, 131 
Nalley, Glendolyn 48, 131 

Napier, Vicki 125 
Nash, Amy 140 
Naugle, Michael 140 
Neal, Teela 58 
Neff, Jennifer 140 
Newman, Lisa 140 
Nicewanger, Mary 60, 121, 131 
Nichols, Kalvin 59, 140 
Nickens, Brian 140 
Nicoson, Alisa 48, 140 
Niehoff, Matthew 125 
Niehoff, Walter 55, 140 
Niemann, Paul 78, 140 
Norfleet, Johnny 146 
Norman, Bobby 140 
Norris, Robert 125 
Northington, Eleanor 140 
Nunley, Marlinda 114 
Nutter, Stacey 114 
Oakley, Nadine 141 
Oberholtzer, Shelley 44, 45, 

46, 81, 115, 118, 121, 159 
Ochs, Sherri 65 
O Connor, Brooke 65, 72, 73, 

Odom, Gregory 125 
Odom, Pamela 125 
Offutt, Crystal 141 
Offutt, Dayna 115 
Oliver, Christopher 131 
Oliver, Lyman 141 
ONeal, Tyrone 91, 141 
Orr, Charles 91, 141 
Orr, Michael 141 
Orr, Michelle 48, 125 
Owens, Katrina 115 
Padgett, Jason 125 
Padgett, Jeramy 51, 78, 141 
Palmer, Tina 141 
Paredes, Erik 131 

Parker, Adam 1 1 5 
Parker, David 141 
Parker, Nicole 141 
Parker, Nyla 58, 131 
Parker, Sean 131 
Parks, Bradley 5, 131 
Partlow, Aimee 45, 125 
Patrick, Randall 78, 141 
Patterson, Aaron 141 
Patton, Gary 1 49 
Pavlides, Erika 60, 125, 134 
Payne, Aaron 38, 39, 60, 132 
Payne, Angela 132 
Payne, David 38 
Payton, Lachnwda 51, 132 
Payton, Laura 5, 125 
Pearson, Darnell 90, 91 
Penman, Jeffery 132 
Pennington, Luther 141 
Perry, Shirley 125 
Perry, Yvonne 146 
Petree, Angela 90, 106, 141 
Pettigrew, Beverly 51, 125 
Petty, Emerson 91, 141 
Petty, Michael 20, 141 
Petty, Sandra 146 
Phelps, Nicole 141 
Phillippo, Stephen 132 
Phillips, Anthony 141 

Phillips, Daphne 141 
Phillips, Fern 1 32 
Phillips, Hope 141 
Phillips, Stephanie 48, 132 
Piersall, Gary 68, 69 
Pinkston, Greg 132 
Pinkston, Kirk 88, 125 
Pinner, Derick 5 
Pinner, Kisha 132 
Pinner, Shawna 125 
Pirtle, Charles 146 
Poindexter, Dana 134 
Polston, Christian 115 
Polston, Gabriel 141 
Porter, Chantele 115 
Porter, Crystal 125 
Porter, David 132 
Porter, Jeffery 48, 115 
Porter, Larrita 92, 125 
Porter, Nolan 129, 132 
Potts, Jasmine 141 
Powell, Crystal 45, 74, 79 
Pressler, Jennifer 48, 141 
Price, Denise 37, 125 
Price, Tanika 141 
Pridemore, Tracy 125 
Pritchard, John 51, 80, 141 
Pritchard, Paul 45, 80, 125 
Proctor, Carl 59, 132 
Proctor, Sherie 51, 54, 55, 125 
Prosser, Joseph 1 32 
Pruett, Adrienne 6, 46, 80, 115 
Puckett, John 78, 141 
Pugh, Sacha 141 
Purvis, Alice 146 
Quiett, Amy 20, 48, 141 
Ragle, Kristen 141 
Rainey, Mathew 125 
Randle, Cory 141 
Randolph, Donte 141 
Randolph, Eric 141 
Ratliff, Crystal 16 
Ratliffe, Kacilia 132 
Ratner, Nancy 146 
Ray, Mark 126 
Ray, William 132 
Raymer, Branden 48, 141 
Redmon, Jeffrey 5, 60, 68, 69, 

Reed, Michelle 3, 141 
Reedus, Natasha 126 
Reid, Lindell 121, 132 
Reidy, Jeffrey 46 
Renie, Thomas 146 
Reno, Danell 141 
Reynolds, Georgia 126 
Rhodes, Taffi 141 
Rice, Bonnie 146 
Richards, Robert 141 
Richardson, Heather 141 
Richey, Jerry 142 
Riley, Lavon 126 
Rivers, Frankie 132 
Rivers, Teresa 1 1 5 
Roberts, Bruce 142 
Roberts, Lakiesha 142 
Roberts, Rick 1 1 5 
Roberts, Sherry 59, 79, 142 
Roberts, Tyniesha 142 

Robertson, Rachel 137, 142 
Robinson, Anthony 115 
Robinson, Courtney 58, 142 
Robinson, Jerry 126 
Robinson, Michelle 51 
Rogers, James 142 
Rogers, Patricia 126 
Roland, Brian 46, 115 
Roland, Marc 94, 142 
Romine, Misty 142 
Roof, Ana 45, 132 
Roth, Shawna 44, 115 
Rothwell, Jennifer 142 
Rowser, Luciana 142 
Rusie, Donald 38, 115 
Russell, Matthew 142 
Russo, Jason 78, 142 
Rutherford, William 78, 142 
Rutledge, Richard 37, 54, 57, 

Sakurai, Ayako 48, 115, 121 
Salyers, Donald 82, 115 
Salyers, Missy 93 
Sam, Martin 146 
Sanders, Andrea 45, 100, 101, 

Sanders, Chad 126 
Sanders, David 44, 115 
Sanders, Dawn 20, 142 
Sanders, Paul 146 
Sanders, Roxanne 132 
Sanders, William 48, 126 
Sandlin, Tracy 61 
Sargent, Lola 146 
Saulsberry, Nicole 1 32 
Schaefer, Brian 121, 126 
Schaefer, Stefanie 142 
Schell, Steven 142 
Schick, Cindy 146 
Schilling, Charlene 103, 132 
Schmidt, Jesse 132 
Schneider, David 132 
Schwier, Shannon 100, 101, 

Scott, Celeste 132 
Scott, Elizabeth 1 26 
Scott, Karlisa48, 115, 121 
Scott, Kendra 126 
Scott, Nancy 146 
Seeley, Candy 72, 115 
Seeley, Corennia 132 
Semon, Joseph 146 
Settles, Corey 142 
Sexton, Rebekah 132 
Shadday, Angela 126 
Shadiow, Bruce 146 
Shanklin, Angela 48, 51, 132 
Shanks, Renee 58, 132 
Sharpe, Jennifer 51, 142 
Shearer, Larry 142 
Sheckles, Andre 132 
Shelby, Felicia 146 
Shelton, Greg 146 
Shepherd, Dan 146 
Shepherd, Joseph 1 1 5 
Sheppard, Jermel 132 
Sherrill, Derrick 76 
Siebers, Poppe 142 
Simpson, James 142 




Singh, Jatinder 146 
| Sinnott, Sean 126 
j Skaggs, Jeffery 126 
I Skene, John 146 
I Slaughter, Amanda 5, 48, 71, 

83, 103 
I Slayback, Deanna 132 
i Slayback, Denise 45, 116 

Slayton, Brian 132 
| Sloan, Tatasha 126 

Smartz, David 146 

Smith, Andre 3, 88, 89, 126 
j Smith, Anthony 126 

Smith, Belinda 58, 132 

Smith, Bobbie 41, 43, 107, 121. 

Smith, Brian 132 

Smith, Christina 126, 159 

Smith, Daryl90, 91, 139, 142 

Smith, Erick 78, 91, 142 

Smith, Ernest 126 

Smith, Garry 76, 94, 95, 

Smith, Harold 126 

Smith, Katherine 18, 51, 

Smith, Kelly 83, 132 

Smith, Kietra 132 

Smith, Kimberly 46, 116, 159 

Smith, Kristy 100, 132 

Smith, Larry 142 

Smith, Lisa 5, 48, 126 

Smith, Lora 116 

Smith, Murriel 126 

Smith, Nathan 27 

Smith, Renee46, 126 

Smith, Shanett 142 

Smith, Shirley 147 

Smith, Sylvia 46, 142 

Smith, Teresa 132 

Smith, Theresa 132 

Smith, Tiffany 51 

Smith, Tonya 46, 142 

Smith, Troy 116 

Smith, William 147 

Smock, Deanna 132 

Snider, Marco 76, 95, 132 

Snow, Michelle 54, 55, 142 

Snow, Shermika 54, 55, 142 

Snyder, David 142 

Sommers, Amy 100, 103, 126 

Sommers, Heather 93, 103, 

105, 142 
Sowders, Nicole 132 
Spargur, Kevin 69, 76, 126 
Sparks, Aaron 69 
Sparks, Jason 142 
Spaulding, Robert 147 
Spears, Anthony 76, 132 
Spears, Errol 147 
Spencer, Charles 132 
Spencer, Tiffany 142 
Spittler, Neely 142 
Spitzer, Laura 142 
Stagnolia, Fonda 40 
Stamps, Jeannie 48, 142 
Stanley, Brian 46, 70, 76, 132 
Stanley, Dan 147 
Stansberry, Katrice 116 
Staples, Kevin 142 

Starr, Rebecca 48, 74, 83, 132 

Steele, Janette 142 

Steele, Jennifer 20, 142 

Stef fey, Jennifer 48, 79, 142 

Steffey, Jill 48, 83, 100, 132 

Steiner, Scotty 69, 126 

Stephan, Mark 126 

Stephens, Christopher 132 

Stephens, Lorena 116 

Stepp, Aaron 54, 57, 58, 65, 
70, 126 

Stewart, Charles 126 

Stewart, David 147 

Stewart, Lydia 142 

Stidham, Melissa 133 

Stogsdill, Kellie 142 

Storm, Wendie 5, 126 

Stout, Thomas 116 

Stover, Larry 133 

Street, Veronica 142 

Strong, Angela 133 

Stubbs, Angela 1 16 

Stubbs, Dee 133 

Stubbs, Nicole 133 

Stuck, Christopher 116 

Sugimura, Duane 142 

Sultzer, Tamika 133 

Sumpter, Robert 116 

Sulzberger, Amy 142 

Summers, Darrick 133 

Sutherland, Stephen 126 

Swinford, Doyne 147 

Tackett, Angela 126 

Taflinger, Steve 147 

Talley, Leah 142 

Tandy, Damon 54, 55, 133 

Tandy, Kisha 106, 142 
Tansy, Sherri 1 16 
Tatum, Robert 54, 55, 133 
Taylor, Alicia 142 
Taylor, Darnell 142 
Taylor, Derita 60, 93, 133 
Taylor, Hollis 133 
Taylor, Jenika 107 
Taylor, Marina 126 
Taylor, Michelle 133 
Taylor, Neikolyn 116 
Teckenbrock, Peggy 133 
Tedders, Melissa 133 
Tennant, Kelly 126 
Terry, Chay 133 
Terry, Leonard 116 
Terry, Melissa 142, 143 
Theodorou, Ioannis 142 
Thomas, Aidis 76, 126 
Thomas, Michelle 66, 107, 126 
Thomas, Phyllis 147 
Thomas, Scott 82, 91, 126 
Thompson, Barry 94, 133 
Thompson, Julie 142 
Thompson, Stephanie 116 
Thompson, Walter 88 
Thorpe, Phillip 142 
Thurman, Bobbi 142 
Tibbs, Leroy 133 
Tiernan, Kathleen 81, 100, 116, 

121, 159 
Tolin, Jennifer 72, 73, 79, 93, 

Tolin, Trisha 71, 103 
Toon, Dale 142 
Trent, Regina 44, 46 
Trimble, Larry 133 
Trinkle, Keith 46, 70, 121, 126 
Trotter, Amanda 16, 142 
Trotter, Nichole 133 
Tucher, Michael 68, 69, 126 
Turnipseed, Tisha 46, 107, 142 
Tylicki, Christopher 142 
Tyson, Anthony 84, 116 
Turner, Beston 131, 133 
Turner, George 142 
Turner, Jinikia 133 
Turner, Leo 142 
Turner, Marinda 126 
Tuttle, Alan 69 
Uhls, Tracy 142 
Umsteadt, Kimberly 142 
Urban, Christopher 142 
Urich, Lisa 48, 71, 105, 133 
Utley, Stacy 72, 133 
Valentine, Deshonna 133 
Valentine, Frances 147 
Vandivier, Stella 147 
Vanlanot, Richard 84, 142 
VanSell, David 48, 51, 126 
Vaughn, Anthony 142 
Vertner, Danielle 51, 58, 67, 

92, 107, 126 
Vespo, Joe 147 
Vie, Angela 47, 116 
Viers, Clinton 37 
Vollmer, Joe 147 
Wagers, Bennie 94, 126 
Walker, Kristopher 142 
Walker, Madora 144 
Wallace, Donald 116 
Wallace, Eugene 24, 126 
Wallace, Shelly 37, 83, 133, 

Wallace, Stacy 126 
Wallace, William 78, 142 
Walters, Shannon 54, 55, 142 
Walton, Dawnell 142 
Ward, Candie 142 
Ward, Jenny 133 
Ware, Lisa 58 
Ware, Misty 133 
Ware, Stephen 143 
Warren, Thomas 1 16 
Washington, Byron 133 
Washington, Kristeen 4, 143 
Washington, Tracy 4, 133 
Watkins, Arthur 116 
Watkins, Edward 143 
Watkins, Gregory 143 
Watkins, Kirk 91, 143 
Watson, Roxy 147 
Watson, Sonya 126 
Watt, Amy 46, 116, 118 
Watt, Maya 48, 54, 55, 143 
Watts, Brian 126 
Weaver, Amber 48, 143 
Webb, Angie 65 
Webb, Donald 126 
Webb, Rose 48 
Webb, Jessie 133 
Weddle, Rhonda 143 

Weidner, Amy 46, 47, 127 
Weidner, John-Paul 69, 87, 94, 

Weidner, Taunya 103, 133 
Weinke, James 19, 27, 126 
Weinke, Scott 19, 128 
Wellington, Wayne 147 
Wells, Christine 47, 51, 143 
Wemple, Randy 149 
Wesley, James 133 
West, Audra 117 
West, Stephanie 43, 143 
Wethington, Silena 143 
Whaley, Christopher 5, 46, 48, 

126, 159 
White, Eric 117 
White, Jeffery 134 
White, Jeremy 44, 117 
White, Shawn 106 
White, Shawna 143 
White, Steven 44, 45, 117 
Whittemore, Lynn 147 
Whittemore, Allison 103, 121, 

Whobrey, Trixie 5, 48, 105, 143 
Wickersham, Daryl 133 
Wickersham, Michael 143 
Wiggins, John 147 
Wigley, Julie 133 
Wiker, Barney 16, 143 
Williams, Anthony 143 
Williams, Alfonzo 48, 126 
Williams, Carolyn 134 
Williams, Carrie 83, 143 
Williams, Cody 143 
Williams, Joseph 1 17 
Williams, Mary 143 
Williams, Michael 68, 94, 95, 

126, 159 
Williams, Santana 133 
Williams, Stephanie 121, 133 
Williams, Terrell 133 
Williams, Wendy 45, 51, 138, 

Williams, Victoria 51, 133 
Williams, Yvonne 20, 54, 55, 

Willis, Angela 25,47, 100, 

121, 126 
Willis, Felicia 54, 55, 106, 107, 

Wills, Christopher 59, 145 

Wills, Mary 147 

Wills, Rhonda 134 

Wilson, Derrick 126 

Wilson, Jennifer 43 

Wilson, Jerry 134 

Wilson, Lionell 117 

Wilson, Marc 54, 80, 134 

Wilson, Matthew 37, 45, 80, 

Wilson, Michael 82, 126 

Wilson, Randolph 69, 134 

Wilson, Shonna 126 

Wilson, Tuan 134 

Windon, Willie 91, 143 

Winslow, Clara 46, 48, 107, 

Wise, Anthony 44, 84, 117 

Wise, Lisa 134 
Wiseman, Betty 147 
Wiseman, Sandra 147 
Witt, Mike 78, 143 
Woempner, Paul 7, 57, 58, 69, 

Woodard, Amy 143 
Woodard, Andrew 48, 69, 80, 

Woodard, Kristin 45, 46, 48, 

Woods, Betty 147 
Woods, Janet 147 
Woodson, Demetrius 126 
Worth, Allen 69, 80, 126 
Wotring, Angel 143 
Wright, Adam 58, 143 
Wright, Brandy 58, 59, 81, 

121, 134 
Wright, James 5, 7, 58, 59, 82, 

121, 126 
Wright, Jenny 107 
Wright, Stephanie 107, 126 
Wright, Stephen 59, 134 
Wynne, Michael 121 
Young, Norvell 55, 90, 134 
Young, Suzanne 143 
Young, Takeysha 134 
Young, Vanessa 143 
Yancey, Crystal 126 
Yarber, James 147 
Yates, Anthony 91, 143 
Yates, Malinda 143 
Yates, Tanya 48 
Yeary, Dawn 60, 134 
Yonell, Mark 143 
Young, Arretia 147 
Young, Devon 126 
Young, Gayla 67, 79, 85, 126 
Zaphiriou, Joanna 24, 47, 143 
Zaphiriou, Damon 46, 70 
Zinerman, Gregory 134 

Index/ 157 


Another year another advisor seems to be 
the theme of the Hilltopper. This year be- 
gan and before we knew what was going on 
we had a new advisor. Miss Shirley Smith 
came in and took off in the right direction to 
set the yearbook back on track. Besides a 
new advisor, many other new faces have 
shown up. They have all added many new 
and different ideas to the yearbook. Of 
course, the veterans of the yearbook have 
contributed a great deal because without 
them no one would know what to do. It's 
been a fun year to work on the yearbook. 
Even though we seemed to be faced with a 
lot of catastrophes, we worked them all out. 
What you see is our end result. We hope 
you enjoyed this book. Good luck to next 
year's staff. 

Jennifer Hardy 

Upper Right: Lisa Johnson and Tina Howard wrap up 
after a hard day's work. 

Right: Tessa Kosegi and Tracy Kord look up words for 
the yearbook. 

Far Right: Marianne Hickrod takes out some of her 
frustrations on Denise Price. 

Below: Kathy Cobb gives some advice to rookies Chris 
Whaley and Mike Williams. 



r f 



■^H^M ' ***■ 




Top: Hilltopper Staff (Left to Right): First Row: Mari- 
anne Hickrod, Jennifer Hardy, Tracy Kord, Tessa Kosegi, 
Kim Smith. Second Row: Chris Whaley, Mike Williams, 
Kristi Coyle, Jason Clouse, Christina Smith. Third Row: 
Christy Cantrell, Amy Moore, Kathy Cobb, Shelley 
Oberholtzer, Kathleen Tiernan. (not pictured Nicol Brad- 
berry, Curtis Combs, Angie Ewell, Kristine Fisher, Mark 
Judd, Dale Kinney, Jerry Knowles, Tim Messenger, Shel- 
ley O'Connor, Mathew Rainey, Melissa Terry.) 
Left: Betsy Deeter and Jennifer Hardy are trying to find 
the perfect picture for a particular position on a page. 
Above: Kristi Coyle and Christy Cantrell have a good 
laugh as they take a break. 

Right: Shelley O'Conner sets up appointments to have 
sports pictures taken. 

Hilltopper/ 159 

Farewell from the Staff: 

Like a precious flower . . . 
Like a song left unsung ... 


Like a precious flower that has 

bloomed before its time, 
The sweet fragrance of her kindness 

still lingers in our minds. 

Like a song left unsung, 
her life had just begun 

The sadness is heavy but 
life must go on. 

We could never forget her 
even though she's gone. 

It seems so unfair that 
life can be so unkind, 

And justice in our world 
can be so blind. 

Sixteen short years 
she lives on the earth, 

And in all that she gave it 
was love well worth. 

Please let us not weep; 

let us all smile 
That God gave her to us 

even for a little while. 

Like a song left unsung, 
over before it could start, 

Her melody forever flows 
and her love blooms in our hearts. 

Editor-in-Chief: Jennifer Hardy. General Staff: Nicol Bradberry, Christy Cantrell, Kathe: 
ine Cobb, Jason Clouse, Curtis Combs, Kristi Coyle, Elizabeth Deeter, Angie Ewell, Kristin 
Fisher, Marianne Hickrod, Bertina Howard, Lisa Johnson, Mark Judd, Dale Kinney, Jen 
Knowles, Tracy Kord, Tessa Kosegi, Tim Messenger, Amy Moore, Shelley OberholtzJ 
Shelley O'Connor, Denise Price, Mathew Rainey, Christine Smith, Kim Smith, Kathlee 
Tiernan, Melissa Terry, Chris Whaley. Advisor: Miss Shirley Smith. 

Anna Sanders 

The Hilltopper Staff would like to thank a, 
the students and staff members who helpei 
with the yearbook. We regret there are to> 
many to list but are so appreciative that ther 
have been so mar